Monday, April 27, 2015

We're here!

We've crossed into the Mountain Time Zone, Sasha is still on Central.   She insisted we go to bed way too early last night (she twisted our arms) and woke us up at her regular time, earlier than we'd like.    I'm sure she'll adjust now that we'll be in this time zone for a few months....I hope, I hope.

We got a relatively early start this morning and continued our drive north through the plains.   We started out in grey drizzle, had a bit of beautiful sunshine, then plunged back into heavy mist as we approached Denver.   We haven't been able to see the mountains yet.

We're in for the night at Cherry Creek State Park in Aurora, a suburb of Denver.   We enjoy this park, it is close to everything, yet feels very far away.   The sites are large with plenty of trees and grass and even some wandering wildlife.

the Denver skyline seen over Cherry Creek Reservoir

our site - #44 in Pioneer Loop

If it had been warm enough to have happy hour outside tonight, we would have hosted this bold visitor.  At first look I thought it was a deer, but I realized he was a young elk.  

Happy hour was held inside  mostly due to the very chilly and damp weather but also because of a young child across the way trying to master the pogo stick.   We know children on bikes terrify Lewis, but a wild and erratically bouncing child sent him to a new level of panic.

Tomorrow we'll drive up to the  Elks Lodge in Westminster to stake out a claim on a site for the summer.


  1. Glad to hear you made it. Enjoy your reunion with Jesse and Erin!

  2. Poor Lew!! He won't come out of the bedroom. A loud child with a pogo stick is too much. Glad you are only staying a night. Let's hope Sasha does change time zones quickly:) Hope you get a nice site at the Elks!!

  3. That is one huge site. We are interested to see and hear how you like the Elks Lodge. We have never been to that one. Safe travels.

  4. Thanks for the wildlife preview at Cherry Creek...we'll be there in a couple of weeks!

    Glad you made it safe and sound!

  5. Looks like a pretty sweet spot right there! Love the young elk :-) I'm laughing at who sets the day's schedule and the location of happy hour.......good thing they're so dang cute!! Of course I have to wrap this up because Tessa says the time for the morning walk is Now.