Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Break - when does it end?

What a difference a few months make.     We were last here in December and it was a quiet, sleepy little town with wide and empty beaches.   The Residence Inn wasn't full and the beautiful trails starting out behind its parking lot were ours alone.

Spring Break!    Ugly words for those of us of a certain age (not still in college) and without any children in tow.   Really ugly words for a stranger-phobic Standard Poodle.     There are no parking spots anywhere near the beach and even if we could score one, its not the beach scene any of us enjoy.   The hotel is full, the parking lot is full, the nature trails are teeming....

As I mentioned, Lewis isn't enjoying the Spring Break crowds.   Last evening Dave was taking him for his nightly constitution and they came upon 2 nice people airing up their bicycle tires inside the entryway.    Lew froze, Dave couldn't get him to move an inch, dead weight at the end of his leash.   Well, not exactly dead weight, as he was shaking violently.   As soon as Dave let a little slack in the leash he raced off in the other direction with his usually erect tail pinned tightly between his legs.  Problem was, passing those fire breathing monsters was the only way back to the safety of his room.
Finally Dave just scooped him up and carried him the necessary 50 feet to room 104.  The next time I tried to take him out, he slunk along behind me, trying to get into every room he passed.   Poor baby, what to do, what to do.    

  The only good things are that the dogs are happy and content when they are in the room and we're leaving tomorrow morning.    Beluga should be done, then we'll take her for her new tires.   After that the weather will be our decision maker.   It sounds like some nasty storms are coming across the mid west later this week and they are right in our path.

We had a lovely dinner last night and afterward we walked along the docks at sunset.   It was pleasant and warm.....  most everybody else was somewhere else, at least for a little while.   Ah....


  1. Lewis and Wrecks (our biggest and youngest canine dependent) have a lot in common!
    Safe travels!

  2. Tessa is just the opposite. We can't leave her in the rig or the Jeep, and not for long in the apartment. She has terrible separation anxiety. But take her with us and she handles every new person, new critter, new situation like a champ. Maybe she and Lewis could help each other with their issues :-) Those storms look pretty nasty through the mid-west....maybe head north first?
    I think Spring Break will be over at the end of this week - finally. Didn't it start in February this year?????

  3. Poor baby indeed!

  4. Haha! Sorry, but I had to laugh when I read about Lew and Dave with the bikes in the hall. It took me back to Cortez when we meet up with Dave and Lew as we were biking and Dave was trying to get Lew to walk by the power line guy. Lew was frozen in place...bikes and a stranger!!! Even though he knew us, we were on that mean machine!! Yes, this was not an area for Lewis. Glad he was comfortable in the room:)

    We are looking forward to photos of the new roof!!

  5. Spring Break does seem to have lasted forever this time around. Polly, although not quite as sensitive as Lewis, has not been much of a fan. Too many small people moving way too fast. Poor Lewis!

  6. It's amazing how long spring break is! Poor Lew!