Monday, April 13, 2015

Will we ever leave Florida?

Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain.    Will it ever stop, will we ever get out of soggy Florida?   I don't know the answer.  I feel like I have mold growing in my armpits.      We thought we'd be off this morning, but the radar picture stopped us.   Floods and very heavy rain to our west, AGAIN.  

Our distraction today was driving south to the Gulf Coast in search of a seafood lunch.    This area of Florida doesn't have much going for it, in my opinion.    Perhaps its my confinement.    I'll try not to be judgemental.    We had lunch at a local place, right on the water.   The food was wonderful, just what we wanted.   The area was very touristy.  Where it wasn't touristy it was very depressed - boarded up gas stations, empty stores, double wide trailers surrounded by trash.  

On our way back to Beluga we passed an interesting looking museum.    Dave did a quick u turn and we did an auto tour of the Air Force Armament Museum.  

On a nicer day we would have enjoyed strolling among the planes "stationed" there.   Today, however, we confined our visit to driving through the 50 or so static exhibits.




F-111 "Aardvark"

When I started this blog I promised my friends and family back home that I would show you what I was seeing as we moved across this wonderful country - to take you along with us.   Today, you'll notice that "we" saw lots of rain.    In fact everything I saw was through a veil of rain.  

Perhaps tomorrow will be the day we will be able to move west without adding pontoons to Beluga.  


  1. At least it must be warm since Dave is in shorts! Love the F16 shot!

    From my rainy perch I've been watching bunnies and road runners...

  2. Love that you didn't let the rain get you down:) That museum is very nice. John and I did the tour on a little better day:) Sasha looks to be enjoying her walk, rain or not. Now Dave, he doesn't look like he is having fun. I know you were waiting patiently at home with your beach towels to catch the drowned rats when they arrived.

    Fingers crossed tomorrow is the day!! We are expecting three days of very high winds and very low night time temps which is why we rushed out today to get in a hike. Travel safely:)

  3. I was laughing at the rain speckled photos before your comment on showing us what you were seeing. It was literally like "being with you" in the Jeep :-) Aren't you glad you aren't "wasting vacation time" having to hold up in the rain? Of course not - you're so done with it :-)))))) Hang in there!

  4. For once Im reading some rain stories and rain shots from Belugas adventures.