Friday, April 10, 2015


Air conditioner fixed!   The mobile RV repair guy (Robert "Scott" Noel) from Jacksonville arrived right on time.   He tows a pristine trailer filled with all manner of parts and was neat, clean and very personable.   Scott couldn't have been nicer as he carefully checked everything that could possibly be wrong with our rear air conditioner.   The good news is that all the equipment appears to be in great shape and functioning as intended.   So.....why didn't the rear unit work?

I want you to know what a great guy my husband is....what a competent guy he is, what a humble guy he is.    It turns out that he was the problem.     Evidently when he was shoehorning himself into the under refrigerator panel box to fix the water pump control module, he inadvertently turned off the breaker to the rear air conditioner.....

  I would have never told you this.    I would have said that the air conditioner was easily fixed and left it at that.    He said I needed to say what really happened, that everyone makes mistakes, even people who pride themselves in being able to fix most things.    So, I told you.

In order to avoid the potentially nasty wind/hail tornado situation sagging into the south, we decided to stay put one more day.  Tomorrow we'll really start west, I promise.    After our repair work today   I really wanted to get us to the river, the St. John's River.    Yesterday we negotiated countless dead end streets, beware of  naval property admonishments,  never to arrive at the river bank.    Today we had success.

Dave is enjoying the sunny riparian scene

St. John's River is wide here

We drove along the river on River Street (surprise) and ended up at a tiny, postage stamp park.   We sat in the sun and enjoyed a very enthusiastic Mockingbird serenade.      I also found a rather large park that boasted river frontage (Ortega river) although we never found the river there.   What we did find, however, was a very pedantic immature Little Blue Heron working a mucky looking pond.  We sat and watched it walk and work and shop for lunch before heading back to Beluga for dinner.

All in all another good day.   I'm finally feeling like we're living in Beluga, not just on a little trip.  For us,  that is a great feeling.

Tomorrow we'll leave, really we will.


  1. Promises, promises! Maybe you better head East until all this nasty weather passes. I know a cute little cottage
    down by the lake.
    Ok, ok....I am looking forward to your send-off!

  2. It's nice to see you in shorts and 'needing' the A/C. Safe travels west!

  3. Home Sweet Home! It is a great feeling!
    Safe travels west.....

  4. Humbling yes, but I am always so glad when the problem is something we did - that is then just as quickly "fixed"! My dad used to always ask "Did you turn the key?" even when it was something with no key :-)) Your river hunt is too funny - hiding one (or two) is no easy feat! Stay where you are 'til it feels right to venture forth. You're already living the dream.

  5. No, do not return east to a cute little cottage!! Cindy will have to wait:)

    Everyone makes mistakes. Thanks, Dave, for reminding everyone to check the fuse, too:) Glad it wasn't anything serious.

    What a beautiful extra day enjoying the sunshine:)

    Now...Come West my friends!!! Safe travels!