Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Taking care of business

We left Fernandina Beach after lunch today, probably the last time we'll be in the low country for awhile.    Last night we enjoyed another great dinner and another pleasant evening walk along the docks.

Beluga was finished and waiting for us at the facility in Green Cove Springs.    She is now sporting a new, sparkling white Flexarmor rubber roof, guaranteed for life.

Dave checks out the new roof

We were very impressed with David and his crew.   They welcomed us with open arms (think 50 amp and water hook ups) and they kept Beluga plugged in the whole time, so as to not ruin our jammed full refrig./freezer.   This is a very professional company with a great product and they even took RVDreams coupon, so we saved $200!   Thanks guys!  (today turned out to be way too busy to get any pictures of the roof, look for a couple in the next few days).

Next, we drove through a rather iffy part of Jacksonville to the TCI shop to buy Beluga two new sneakers for the long journey west.  (OK, new front tires).    We used the FMCA Advantage program so we saved a few bucks in the process.   The dogs and I stayed in the jeep with the engine running all the while, it was 90 degrees today!

It was after 5 p.m. when the tire guys were finished with Beluga so we just drove a few miles to our first Elks Lodge.   They have four 50 amp. full hook-ups for members only at a price that is embarrassing.     We're the only ones here and its so quiet.   Just what we all needed, especially dear Lewis.  Tonight he has a huge side yard all to himself!

We'll keep an eye to the weather and make our western travel plans accordingly, but we're anxious to get on the road again.


  1. New roof, new front tires…Beluga is ready to go for new adventures.
    We had a wind advisory here in NM and Betsy is rock and rolling.

  2. Glad to hear you'll be hitting the road soon.
    Lewis will sleep well tonight. Safe journey, my friends.

  3. Westward Ho! Hooray! I hope one day we can park Beluga and Renny side by side to show off their gleaming new roofs.

  4. Glad all went well with the new roof and tires:) Don't you love it when everything goes smoothly with competent people. How nice for Lew that he finally has some peace and quiet and a big play yard:)

    We'll be watching your move west. Be safe as you move this way.

  5. Starting out with new hat and shoes is a great feeling! I don't know why I just noticed (in your header that I see daily) that the exterior paint pattern includes the sides of the slides. I first saw that when Howard and Linda got their 5er repainted, and it really looks great on Beluga too. Yes, I'm a little slow.....
    Your first photo is stunning.

  6. YAY a new roof! Know how nice that will be - been there with the leaking deal. I bet Lewis is THRILLED to finally be back in HIS home!