Thursday, April 2, 2015


Yesterday was a long day of driving on the heels of a windy, tough Tuesday's drive.    We started the morning dressed in winter jackets and ended it at a warm and pleasant "old friend".  Note to self:  Two days of driving in a row are more than enough.

poodle exercise at Ft. Chiswell

I really enjoy spending time here in Hilton Head.   We've passed through often during the years and always find it welcoming and beautiful.

Beluga loves site 356

 We all had a good, sound night's sleep and awoke to sunny skies, bird song and warm temperatures.   Ahhhhh. that's better.   I stayed in bed until I felt like getting up, enjoyed a leisurely second cup, no pressure, nothing we have to do, sigh......  

Dave was able to take his time and diagnose the house water pump problem, locate the water pump control module and order a new one.

Yep, he's wearing shorts and a t shirt!   We thought it would never happen.    Sasha is relaxing in front of her fan, she loves her fan.

We can't use our ex pen here so the dogs shared happy hour with us on leash.   They don't mind, neither do we, usually.    Did I mention the wonderful variety of birds here?    Our nearest neighbor has a birdfeeder outside and it is always busy.   Mostly cardinals, titmouses (titmice?) carolina wrens, chickadee dee dee's, and the requisite squirrel.    Lewis + squirrels + leash = rope burns on my leg.
He's a real hunter at heart that Lewis.

We're heading out to have a long awaited dinner at Charlie's L'etoile Verte.    Life is good.


  1. Sorry about the rope burns, but you know I laughed out loud! Sorry you hit winds as well - I am so done with it already. Ditto on the multiple travel days :-( Love Lewis playing in the park and Beluga's site is gorgeous. Life is indeed very good!

  2. I loved "poodle exercise!" Great shot.

    Oops, sorry to hear about your credit card. Hope it got squared

  3. Looks like a beautiful spot! Love the flowers and the Spanish moss. That is some leap Mr Lew is taking out there. Good to know the squirrel didn't scare him:) Sasha is being cooled and keeping dad company:) How cute!!

  4. The azaleas are beautiful...Pride of Mobile I believe...I left a yard full of them in Georgia!