Thursday, November 19, 2015


Nina took a great picture of Lewis yesterday on our hike (thanks Nina).    You'll see why we were so excited to have scored an appointment with Mr. David's Mobile Dog Grooming and Hair Salon's Dirty Desert Dog specialist today....

wild man of the desert

He was a bit late getting here, but Lewis was patient.

patient boy

He finally arrived and set right to work.  First task was to wash off all that desert dust....

Pam's view of the proceedings
Sasha enjoys being part of the action, even though there was very little dry ground on which to doze.   The groomer didn't have time to squeeze her in so she'll get a nice warm bath another day.



  1. Oh he makes me laugh - especially on that little table! Lucky Pam getting to see such a sought after specialist at work :-) Lewis knows he's so handsome!

  2. Now there's the handsome boy we know and love! What a difference a Shave makes!

  3. Love that caption, "wild man of the desert"
    I think Lewis likes to hike and frolic on the trails.That for sure will keep the groomer so busy all the time.