Sunday, November 8, 2015

quiet weekend

We've had a very low key weekend.   Friday Dave's back began to spasm and that pretty much kept us around the house for the last few days.     Sasha sometimes has difficulty getting out of Beluga and when she does we have to catch her on her tumble out the door.    Friday morning was one of those times and I think Dave twisted wrong trying to slow the speed of 80 lbs. of black determination.  

He is beginning to feel better today, the spasms have gone,  but decided not to accompany us to the LaQuinta Farmer's Market this morning.  

study in blue

It was a small but nice market and, after tasting a few samples, I bought raw Orange Blossom honey, some field tomatoes, locally grown apples and asian pears and a block of really creamy sharp cheddar.    

After a few other grocery stops we headed home to see what Dave was up to.  Headed home after one more stop - Sam Cobb's Date Farm.    Dates are a big crop here and there are quite a few date farms to choose from.   This one is quite small, but very close to our campground so it was worth a visit.

Oh John.....

immature dates

date grove

different style covers protect the ripe dates
Dates were sampled, dates were purchased.



  1. I remember a few immature dates in my past....... Hopefully Dave is feeling much better - and that he spent his day soaking in the hot pools! You reminded me I forgot to go to the Farmers Market yesterday :-( dang it!!

  2. Ahhhh,but did you have a date shake???