Saturday, November 21, 2015

moving day

We said our goodbyes to Nina and Polly this morning and followed Pam and John to our next stop in Borrego Springs.

We drove by the Salton Sea, past date and citrus groves, vineyards and field crops.  

We survived the road from hell, S22, and saw large groups of ATV and OHV enthusiasts camped together in the desert, kicking up clouds of dust.    We passed Rockhouse Road where many people enjoy boondocking near Clark Dry Lake.   This year there is much confusion about new rules connected with Anza Borrego State Park's recent purchase of many acres of this boondocker's heaven.   The situation isn't clear, no one actually knows where the park ends and private land begins.   No one likes change.

We're here at The Springs at Borrego Springs, a lovely RV park and golf course.  We have a site until Wednesday and after that, who knows!

Oh, and I baked a Julian Pie Company's Apple Cherry Crumble pie for dessert tonight.... my goodness, they make yummy pies.


  1. I baked our pie, as well! Oh, yes, sooo good:) Just right amount of sweet and sour...yum!!

  2. We are SO ready to get on the road again!! We're wondering about the changes at AB as well, always figured it would be our first boondocking spot. Love the shot of the moon in the Ocotillo :-))))

  3. Hopefully by the time we get there next winter, the land should be clearly marked.
    Great shot of the moon framed by the Ocotillo.