Monday, November 30, 2015


When you're retired, you LOVE Mondays.    When you're retired and on the road, you REALLY love Mondays.    The rest of the world has packed up their bikes and their flags, their tents and their LED rope lights and their grills and portable propane "campfires" and sound systems and gone back home to work and school.

 Not us, we're reveling in the quiet and empty campground.   Ahhhh.

Us and the hummingbirds, the verdins and the roadrunners.

cruising for bugs

The golf course offers a Monday Madness deal on.....Mondays so Dave and John took advantage of it and played 18 holes.

tallying up the scores

the "boys"

Pam went hiking by herself and I took advantage of the plethora of lemon trees around and Pam's juicer to make and freeze lots of lemon juice and peel for Christmas cookies, and lemon squares, and lemon chicken, and roasted shrimp with lemon pasta, and avgolemeno, etc., etc.

After happy hour (a bit early tonight to take advantage of the sun's warmth) we took Lewis to the huge, grassy dog park for a game of chase the ball before dinner.     Another pleasant Monday.


  1. Yep, Mondays are wonderful...especially after the busy long holiday!

    Nice job with the lemons! I'll be stocking up myself when I visit my parents house this week!

  2. funny how Mondays replaced Fridays as our favorite day...

  3. Haha, yes, Mondays are wonderful in the world of full-time RV'ing! Love that beautiful view with no other rigs in sight…just you and the birds! Wow, you are a serious gourmet cook! We need to do some cooking and eating when we get together as well as birding!

  4. Since lemon is my favorite "flavor" I am even more enticed to "catch" you guys again this winter!! Yes, the love of Mondays - ours was especially getting back on the road :-))) Love the boys in the golf cart - what a trio. And a Monday special on that day huh?