Friday, November 30, 2018


Beluga on the beach as seen from the Casino Ferry

We're at the end of our stay here at Lake Havasu State Park.   We leave in the morning.

To mark the occasion they held a wonderful Holiday Boat Parade tonight!

the Fireboat led the parade

my favorite

We sat on our beach chairs in the sand along the channel and watched at least 50 brightly lit boats glide by, all playing cheery Christmas music.    The perfect end to a lovely, relaxing stay.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


The views all around Beluga are tempting us to do nothing but sit, and read, and bask in the sun and enjoy them.   So....that's just what we're doing.

second cup

Maybe we'll do something interesting tomorrow or the next day.......

Monday, November 26, 2018

Time flies

I can't believe how fast time goes by.   We arrived here in Boulder City, Nevada 11 days ago and it seems like just yesterday.   

We enjoy this little city by the dam very much, lots to do, nice weather, yummy food not to mention that good friends live here.     Lewis is over the moon when he gets to visit with Pam and John......

They admire the bike

it keeps falling in the pool!

We've done some little hikes, some jeep exploration, even a bit of shopping.   We've visited with Pam and John and had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner together. 

One of our explorations was to Keyhole Canyon.  It involved a short jeep ride through the desert and a short walk back into the Canyon to a beautiful white waterfall (dry at this time of year but no less beautiful).   The area's rocks contained many many petroglyphs and an unexpected animal sighting.

a little pool of water remains 

This Desert Kit Fox trotted across the trail in front of us

One day we made an excursion into busy Las Vegas for a little Christmas decoration shopping and came home with a pre-lit tree just tailor made for a motorhome!    It's flat!

Dave assembles

ta da!!!

We had yummy meals at the China Bistro (our absolute favorite restaurant), Vinny's (one night we met Howard and Linda of there) and shared a wonderful, cozy Thanksgiving meal in John and Pam's lovely home.

China Bistro's greeter

Santa visits Vinny's

Lew watches the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving

these people urged me to hurry up with the picture....I guess they were hungry

One day we drove out to the ghost town site of St. Thomas.  The construction of the Hoover Dam and the resulting rise of the waters of the Colorado River forced the abandonment of this town with it's last resident leaving in 1938.      At one time the water was 60 feet over the top of the tallest building, but the gradually receding lake water in the 2000s has uncovered the ruins of the town.

We left the Jeep at the end of the access road and hiked down to the site to check out what was left of the once vibrant town of 500 people.

The orange strip in the middle of the flat ground is the site of St. Thomas.
see the tiny tan tower to the left of the strip, right of the two dead trees?
That was the Soda Fountain where we ate lunch ....

We walked about 2.5 miles in total but we did it slowly, poking and exploring and imagining.

alfresco lunch at the old Soda Fountain

remnants of a line of big old Cottonwoods lining a street

public school foundation and stairs

we were noticed.....

Another day we took two Jeeps out into the desert looking for Gilbert Canyon.  Jodee and Bill had taken this drive before and Jodee's pictures piqued our interest.

can you see John's Jeep in the shade at the beginning of the canyon walls?

stopped for lunch

John searches for the perfect seats

friends share lunch

several pour overs slowed our progress through the canyon

Lewis coaches John down

John returns the favor by catching Lewis as he slid to the bottom

dark and light

We capped the afternoon off at the chilly to swim but Lewis did get his feet wet at our stop at Bonelli's Landing.

Bonelli's Landing

We all had such a great time - exploring in the Jeeps, petroglyph discoveries, alfresco lunch with friends, a little rock scrambling, canyon exploring, Burro sightings, and ending at the kind of day!

Tonight we're south of Boulder City at one of our favorite sites in Lake Havasu State Park.   We'll be here for about 5 days before moving to San Diego.   Life is good.