Sunday, December 25, 2022

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!

My birthday is right before Christmas, almost always has been.....but that's another story.    My mother almost named me Holly.     I'm an only child so you know my birthday was always celebrated muchly, don't cry for me, but it IS right before Christmas.    Presents wrapped in Christmas paper, everyone singing carols instead of happy birthday.    No balloons, just christmas decorations....waaa   waaa  waaa 

I won't share my number this year, but Dave made sure I had a wonderful day.     We drove up into the mountains to Prescott for lunch.    It was a beautifully sunny and relatively warm day with enough snow around to be festive but not enough to cause trouble. 

 I always enjoy the drive up through the switch backs and into the pine trees.       Lunch was delicious and pretty at Farm Provisions.     

interesting black and white farm paintings, including a very disconcerting cow photo in the restroom
which will not post, no matter how hard I try...hmmmmm

No, MonaLiza, I did not eat the orchid.     After lunch we did a few errands and ended our stay at Lynx Lake.     We had the place to ourselves as we walked along the shoreline looking for birds and ducks.  No Mandarin Duck this time, but flocks of energetic Merganzers zooming around the middle of the lake.  We could hear their muttering from the trail!

When we arrived home I found a birthday delivery from Jesse and Erin....the most lovely arrangement of pink and blush roses that brought lots of friends to fill the house with their fragrance.

Note the flowers are not Christmas colors....they're birthday colors....girl birthday colors.   

The next day we took a spur of the moment drive into the desert, down Constellation Road here in Wickenburg.     The road is paved from town before turning graded (ocassionally) dirt for miles and miles into the desert and mountains.     Across washes, up hills, over cattle guards, up a mountainside on a very narrow, twisty dirt road 10 miles to our destination.   The Goldmine Experience, World of Music Theme Park....... Let that sink in.

 I joined a FB group called Wickenburg Bulletin's very gossipy but occasionally something interesting comes up.    The reason for our drive down Constellation Road was because of a post on that bulletin.    One that had 50 or more comments.    If you're interested, google it, you'll think that another western style Disneyland is coming to the desert.      So do a load of people here.    They haven't taken the time to drive out to see just what is there though.     We couldn't believe our eyes.    We checked the mileage to be sure we were in the right spot.     Yep, The Goldmine Experience all right.     I can't imagine who will take the 10 mile rough road and up/down the mountain to get there.    I don't know what is actually down at the bottom, we saw a small, very small cluster of buildings (?) and tarps, a number of old mining entrances and tailings piles, and a spiderweb of narrow dirt tracks.   The sort of place we've learned to avoid in the desert.   Private Property says the signs along the "road".      It is set to open Jan 4 (for a free tour) says their website.     I will wait with baited breath.

On our way back, however, we found a real treat....a Saguaro with a large crested arm!    We usually set about to find these beauties and here one was, just standing there along Blue Tank Road (another dirt road) just waiting for us to notice.

Other than that, nothing exciting is going on.    We're spending a quiet Christmas cooking and reading and doing a Christmas Nutcracker puzzle.    I'm working on "eyes" today.

Lewis is a little under the weather.   Perhaps he ate too many mashed potatoes?

Merry Christmas to you all, and we wish you a Happy Healthy New Year.'s the bathroom cow.   How'd he get here?

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

It's almost Christmas!

 Lots of people are getting snow, even here in Arizona!     I know most folks welcome the white stuff, especially around the Christmas holidays.    It is pretty, beautiful really, it sets the mood for Santa and twinkling lights and hot chocolate.    It's perfect for expressing one's self on a large scale......  

early morning message on the lake (2014) know who

 That being said, we'll take our holidays with blue skies and sun.

I love being able to dry my sheets outside in the fresh air, even in December.   Nothing nicer than falling asleep with the smell of sunshine on your pillow.

trying out the farm's hammock now in the desert

Lest you think that the weather is always perfect here, let me show you a different side of Arizona.    A side we welcome, albeit not with great enthusiasm.    This is the desert, and we know rain is to be celebrated, but Dave and I love the sunshine.       Ware the sunshine, however, and remember to always....wear your sunscreen.

During my yearly skin check, a small melanoma was found on my lower leg.   It was completely removed and is healing nicely but a scar there will remind me to respect the sun I crave.

even the desert can have a dunkle day once in awhile

he wishes these petunias were better umbrellas.....

Dave captured this early mornng mood

Lately though, it is almost Christmas after all, that rain has produced some ice on the ground, on the bird water (peck peck peck, look at the house, peck peck peck, help please?)  and on the old lake chairs.    It's quite chilly, the fireplace is our best friend now.

thawing chairs steamed in the sun this morning

second cup is more often fireside these days

We've kept busy inside, baking cookies, playing ball (endlessly playing ball), decorating the house, putting up our little live tree, giving Lew his Christmas groom, and visiting with friends.     We even met friends we've never met before - did I take any pictures?   No.....    did they?    No.....    Janna and Mike (we've been following each other's blogs for quite awhile now but have never met face to face) of  were in Wickenburg this week checking on a friend's home, so they came over for lunch and we had a wonderful time together.     They even lent us their wall paper steamer so we can, finally, get rid of the log wallpaper in the guestroom!     

Dave puts up our "flat stanley" christmas tree, Lew supervises

he sneaks one of Judi's yummy Christmas cut outs before they make it in the house!

prep for Marilyn's wonderful ginger molassis cookies

once again, Lewis can only supervise....he doesn't have thumbs he reminds us

trimming the tree!

a few of the 52 sterling silver snowflakes on our little tree

grooming is much more pleasant with gramma pamma's chicken treats!

Jesse and Erin arrive on Friday and we're getting ready....can't wait!    So, until after the holidays, Merry Christmas to all our wonderful friends and family.