Wednesday, November 30, 2016

out and about

Since we're in San Diego for a whole month we haven't felt the urgency to get out and DO everything.    We've been relaxing and enjoying our bay views and then venturing out to see what's around.    I know this attitude is going to bite me pretty soon.   Before I know it we'll have only a few days left, but til then we're just going with the flow.

Yesterday we found the main Post Office and picked up our mail then headed to the Embarcadero for a walk along the water and some lunch.   Nothing exciting, just a pleasant afternoon.

Last time we were in San Diego we visited the USS Midway Museum so we didn't plan on stopping there again.   As we passed we were surprised to see the huge statue, Unconditional Surrender, installed in a small park next to the ship.
We first saw this gigantic couple many years ago along Sarasota, Florida's bayfront.

We enjoyed watching the military ships, tenders and aircraft use the area.   There were lots of commercial fishing boats moored, seagulls overhead and seals (or sea lions?) gliding through the water looking for handouts.

a houseless woman was sharing with her friends

We had a nice seafood lunch and shared a yummy margarita at the Pier Cafe.   It is a touristy Cape Cod type restaurant built out over the water, not one we would usually frequent,  but the lure of its location won us over.     We had very few other diners and only one guy insisted on joining us.   We didn't mind, he was quiet and remembered his manners.

 Typically at this time of the year, the breeze is cool but the sun is very warm.   We were seated at a table in the sun which made us happy and warm.

After lunch we continued our walk.   I wandered in and out of a few shops while Dave stayed outside and checked out all the private yachts moored near the Hilton.

I discovered a beautiful old, hand carved merry-go-round built in l895.   The detail was wonderful, but some of the horses didn't look particularly happy to be there.

This afternoon, after a quick stop at the PB Bakery (don't judge) we noticed a road named Soledad Mtn. Road so we decided to see where it went.  Perhaps a nice view from atop a mountain?

The road ended atop Mt. Soledad at a large white cross towering above the black marble curved wall of the Veteran's Memorial.    The 360 degree views were, indeed, beautiful.   It is a lovely and quiet spot to honor those Veterans who gave their lives for their country.

lots of brick steps to the top for Dave

looking south at downtown San Diego

looking north toward Del Mar

We continued down the mountain into the village of La Jolla for a quick walk along Girard Street.   I made a couple small purchases before it was time to head home.

I was captivated by this beautiful little church along the way.  Mary Star of the Sea.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday - BCA

    I forgot to tell you that I had a lovely phone call from Dianna on Thanksgiving.   She's the wonderful Canadian woman who received the first guide dog we ever managed to produce.    His name was Pilgrim (as you may have guessed, he was born on Thanksgiving).    He's been gone quite awhile now but he lived a long and productive life with Dianna and was very loved by everyone who met him.   We've talked every Thanksgiving since he went to live and work with her.    This year we laughed and talked about our two poodles.    Her current guide dog is a big apricot standard poodle named Gibson who is a real individual.    Although she's mad about him, he proves quite a challenge as a guide, having problems letting a cat pass without giving strong pursuit.     We made plans to visit Dianna and her husband and meet crazy Gibson this summer when we're home.    

Our feeling of thankfulness continued as we made and received a few more phone calls from friends and family and caught up on each other's lives.

All the hubbub from the Holiday is over but the cool and rainy weather is not.
We spent Sunday inside decorating Beluga for the next big holiday and we're feeling quite cheery!

Today we ventured out for a bit of shopping and to get our overdue flu shots.

That's all I've got!    Here are a few pictures from our weekend around the Bay.

even fully blown I find these Thanksgiving tulips beautiful

rain brings rainbows

birds over and on 

waiting quietly

a  rare two headed Western Grebe floats by

even quiet sunsets are something to be thankful for

a sweet Redhead

Oh Lew......

Friday, November 25, 2016


We had a nice and quiet Thanksgiving, as we like it.   We cooked.    We watched the Macy's parade (I wish they'd show us more marching bands and balloons and less of the Broadway productions, but that's just me) and then the National Dog Show.

delicate surgery
Mr. David's Culinary Service, A-1 Turkey Customizing Division, sent one of their best men (with his trusty Leatherman) over to help us re-shape our turkey breast so that it would fit into the crockpot.

we all love to watch the dog show on Thanksgiving

We decided to throw caution to the wind and forgo our more formal habit of eating meals across from each other at the dining room table in favor of a casual lunch in front of the television.   We're such devils.

We enjoyed second cup and happy hour outside in the sun.    In between we read.

We've been married 46 years and for 46 years we've made the traditional turkey dinner - sometimes just for the immediate family, sometimes for a number of people.    I'm not being boastful when I say that these dinners have always been fine, good,  even.     This year, in the spirit of whimsy, we had a turkey AND a gravy malfunction.    I'll say no more.

Thursday, November 24, 2016


We are thankful for each other, our wonderful life, our family and our decent and caring friends, both old and new.

We wish you all happiness and contentment with what you have, who you are and where your road takes you.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday before Thanksgiving

The campground is filling up with families for the long Holiday weekend.   Lewis is not enjoying himself as a result.        Lots and lots of bikes and skateboards and scooters whizzing every which way.   He doesn't know which way to look, which way to go to be safe.    We remind him that things will calm down in a few days but he doesn't think that far ahead.

We're (Dave and I) enjoying the beautiful views for second cup and happy hour.
This morning we were visited by a flock of sea geese called Brants.   They are beautiful and gregarious.

 In between we've just been doing normal household jobs, laundry, bills, vacuuming, cleaning up the Jeep, etc. and then walking on the beach.     Its getting to look a bit like Christmas here in Beluga and the wreath smells divine.

Here are some pictures taken today at Pacific Beach, after a bit of shopping and a wonderful Bakery discovery.

The weather was grand, about 65 and sunny.  

Sunset tonight was a drawn out affair.    After dark the Sea World Christmas tree was reflected in the Bay.

Lew's view from Dave's lap

Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday in Mission

BCA!     It rained overnight and sprinkled on and off today with a fresh wind from the west so we didn't do much outside.   Dave continued to set Beluga up to spend the month comfortably.    Washed the windows and put on the magna shades and tire covers, covered the tow bar and cleaned off a bit of the rain/road dirt that splashed up on her sides during our drive here.      We like our site this time.   We're on the end of the Bayside row so we have no neighbor on our driver's side, no one in front and our neighbors to the rear are ducks and assorted waterbirds.  When its a bit warmer we'll enjoy sitting outside and watching their antics.  There is also  a very active Osprey perch to keep an eye on.   Small pleasures.

a noisy family of Widgeons

Oh, and then there's this......I expect great sunsets from this view pretty soon.

After lunch we went out to do a few errands, the most important of which was to buy a turkey breast....there's a holiday coming.  

Von's was mobbed!  We could hardly move through the aisles and the check out lines were long, so very long.   One of the stand up freezer cases was jammed full with huge frozen turkey's,  piled willy nilly.    Someone opened the door and they all tumbled out, crashing on his toes.    An overworked stock boy's solution no doubt.

Everyone must know about this holiday.

Before going back to Beluga for happy hour we drove down into Pacific Beach's funky downtown and took a short walk on Crystal Pier.    I love the views from the pier, but not the journey to it's end.   There are darling little cottages lining the first part of the way, but the planks on the decking are just far apart enough for me to be able to see the crashing waves far below.   I must look down as I walk along the uneven boards so I don't stub my toe and fall, but that results in me seeing how high up we are with every step.....not a happy thing for me.

But I soldier on because of the views and the majesty of the water and the light on the water.    And I can't allow myself be such a wimp!