Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday in Mission

BCA!     It rained overnight and sprinkled on and off today with a fresh wind from the west so we didn't do much outside.   Dave continued to set Beluga up to spend the month comfortably.    Washed the windows and put on the magna shades and tire covers, covered the tow bar and cleaned off a bit of the rain/road dirt that splashed up on her sides during our drive here.      We like our site this time.   We're on the end of the Bayside row so we have no neighbor on our driver's side, no one in front and our neighbors to the rear are ducks and assorted waterbirds.  When its a bit warmer we'll enjoy sitting outside and watching their antics.  There is also  a very active Osprey perch to keep an eye on.   Small pleasures.

a noisy family of Widgeons

Oh, and then there's this......I expect great sunsets from this view pretty soon.

After lunch we went out to do a few errands, the most important of which was to buy a turkey breast....there's a holiday coming.  

Von's was mobbed!  We could hardly move through the aisles and the check out lines were long, so very long.   One of the stand up freezer cases was jammed full with huge frozen turkey's,  piled willy nilly.    Someone opened the door and they all tumbled out, crashing on his toes.    An overworked stock boy's solution no doubt.

Everyone must know about this holiday.

Before going back to Beluga for happy hour we drove down into Pacific Beach's funky downtown and took a short walk on Crystal Pier.    I love the views from the pier, but not the journey to it's end.   There are darling little cottages lining the first part of the way, but the planks on the decking are just far apart enough for me to be able to see the crashing waves far below.   I must look down as I walk along the uneven boards so I don't stub my toe and fall, but that results in me seeing how high up we are with every step.....not a happy thing for me.

But I soldier on because of the views and the majesty of the water and the light on the water.    And I can't allow myself be such a wimp!


  1. So pretty Sue...I can't wait for out time in San Diego in January!

  2. Not boring at all :-) Oh how I miss the ocean - your pics are wonderful!

  3. Glad you are all set up and ready to enjoy a nice relaxing month:) Love all the beautiful photos of the ocean:) Great job!

  4. Crashing Waves ALWAYS make me think of how my Mom loved them!! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. Ahhh the smell of the salt air! Sounds heavenly! Happy Thanksgiving and extra luvs to the spoo!