Saturday, February 13, 2021

Moving on to Arizona


Our site at the Springs at Borrego

When we last spoke we were enjoying our last few days in Borrego Springs.  

  We drove up and over the mountain to pick up our last pies for the trip.  Three for the freezer!

As we pulled into the parking lot we heard a helicopter circling and then watched it land a little way from us.   The folks inside climbed out and went into the pie shop for their fix....evidently we're not the only ones addicted to these pies!

We played one last round of golf with Pam and John.   I kept my camera on the natural surroundings around the course,  Golf is not always an easy game......

On the afternoon of our last day Pam and John followed us out to Fonts Point (socially distant Jeeping) for what has become a tradition with us....Happy Hour high over the Badlands.    Sometimes we wait to watch the sunset but this time there were beautifully clear skies, so no dramatic sunset.

We hiked a short way up to the point, fairly close to the edge (gasp) and set up our chairs and tables.   Silence surrounded us.     After we were there quite awhile a few others came along, but they walked to another overlook and left us to our views and conversation and snacks.

We did have one couple settle nearby, but they were quiet and kept to themselves.   See the rocky point in the distance between Pam and John?    That was the couple's choice of spots.

Pam and John headed home the next morning and we started our move to Catalina State Park, just north of Tucson.   We broke the drive into two days because we've decided not to travel more than 200 miles in one day.   Why hurry?

As we passed by El Centro we saw evidence of the Blue Angels practice routines.

Surrender Dorothy?

 I love to see the smooth tan sands of the Imperial Sand Dunes along the way.

We stopped for a lunch break at a rest stop in the middle of the dunes and had fun watching buggies race up and down the high sand mountains.

We ended our day at Copper Mountain RV in tiny Tacna, Arizona, along I-8.   I have never had to sign as many pages of disclaimers and campground rules as I was presented with there, however it was an extremely inexpensive and quiet overnight spot.   Our pull thru site was very large and the park was easy in and easy out.

We're now in Catalina State Park, a favorite place for us all.   Lots of space for hiking, for walking Lewis and for enjoying the birds.

site 73 at twilight

The bosque is just beginning to leaf out and the delicate leaves shimmer in the bright, warm sunshine.

busy day at the feeder

We broke our self imposed (Covid imposed) restaurant avoidance the other afternoon.    A few years ago Laurel and Eric introduced us to a wonderful Italian restaurant in the nearby Catalina Foothills area and Dave immediately fell in love with one of their signature dishes.      We decided to treat ourselves and order it for a take out dinner at home.    Dave was a very happy man....


We also treated ourselves with a springtime favorite - a fragrant purple hyacinth.    As an added bonus, it serves as a daily Covid test for us.   It's beautiful aroma greets us each morning and we're delighted to know that we still have our sense of smell.

Yesterday was a day of firsts for us.    We finally received our first Covid vaccine at Walgreens in Tucson and on our way home we bought fast food at a drive thru window - something we've not done before!

We're here for another few days, then on to Wickenburg.  The Daytona 500 race heralds the beginning of Spring for Dave and he looks forward to watching it tomorrow. 


Monday, February 1, 2021

Playing in the desert

 Saturday was a nice day so after lunch we drove out into the desert to see what we could find.  

  I had seen a road, from a distance, that looked like it wove up into the mountains.   I finally figured out which road it was and where it intersected with a paved road so that was our "soft" destination.    Too turned out to be a private road, and posted as such.     I had my maps out so I plotted another course behind a small, private air park community and out into the San Felipe Wash.     We kept away from the airport because it was private, again, posted as such.     We didn't exactly know where we were going, the road came and went in the sand as is often the case in desert areas, but the basic road was on the map and on our Jeep's GPS.   No posted signs, no private property signs, gates, fences, etc. anywhere.     Out of nowhere an American flag festooned "vintage" cut-down range rover appeared on our bumper.     It's driver, a hefty -ahem- gentlemen loudly informed us that we were on his private property and we needed to GET OFF immediately.    Of course, we acquiesced immediately.    We do not drive on private property, ever.   

Once in the San Felipe Wash, we decided to take the long way home.  Navigating in a wash is an inexact science.     We were always going in the right direction, but sometimes we found ourselves in fairly deep sand in narrow, twisting branches of the main wash.    In such cases, one always has the option of getting out and climbing up the side for an affirming look around before continuing.

Long story short, we found our way out of the side wash, and once back on track, it didn't take us any time at all to make our way home.    Another adventure for the books!

Yesterday we explored small Hawks Canyon.    We had passed it's entrance last year with Pam and John (back when people actually rode together in the same vehicle!) on a wildflower discovery exploration and commented that it looked interesting.    We took the sand road to it's end, left the Jeep and set off on foot.   There was no one else there - Yay!

  Since we had no directions or map we followed footprints in the sand as they led up to a path "foot carved" into the green rock.     Below us was a narrow wash with water smoothed boulders and interesting rocks,    As you know, I don't like to be "up" I like to experience canyons from the bottom so we backtracked to a spot where we could drop down into the rocky wash and continue our exploration there.

When I say "backtracked", I meant it quite literally.   We not only went back the way we came, but I went down some of the steeper, sandier parts on my back end.   I crab crawled backward down them to avoid a sure slip and fall - I'm not an agile hiker.......  It wasn't pretty, but it got the job done.   Luckily I carried the camera and the phone so there is no record of my style.

rocks within rocks

We made a slow exploration of the wash and canyon walls, just the way we like it.   No time limit, no pressure, no one following.    Lots of interesting rocks and even a few bushes beginning to flower.

Today was a golf day, as will be tomorrow.  Wednesday we'll make a last drive over the mountain for pie, Thursday we'll make our annual trip out to Fonts Point for an early afternoon, non-alcoholic happy hour with dear friends and Friday we'll be off again.   Tough life, but someone has to do it.

a waddle of widgeons aerating the golf course on 9