Monday, December 17, 2018

Desert Hot Springs

We're back in the desert again.  We had an uneventful drive to Desert Hot Springs on Sunday.   Uneventful until we arrived at Catalina Spa and RV Resort.

While I was inside, Dave was outside unhooking the Jeep in preparation for our back-in site.    When I finished and walked outside with paperwork in hand, he was bent over picking up shattered glass from the driveway.

The woman leaving when I was entering the office got into her Class C and proceeded to squeeze past Beluga in her hurry to get to her site.   Only thing is she didn't understand her clearances and smashed into Beluga's side mirror, shattering it in the process.   Luckily Dave was able to stop and reroute her before she did more damage to our old Beluga's side.

She said she was tired and in a hurry to get to her site and take a nap.....thank you very much.

Dave examines the damage

So, in addition to Dave's normal set up procedure, he had to take the mirror apart to see what damage was done and if he could fix it himself.

Luckily, the shattered lower, heated convex mirror was the only problem and we ordered a new one this afternoon.    Linda from Vancouver has agreed to pay for the new part and was so very thankful that we were "nice". 

Beluga asked that we not photograph her "bad" side til the repairs are done

We're all nicely settled in our somewhat uneven site and are going about the business of getting ready for Christmas.    One silly, but important nevertheless, tradition is the painting of the Christmas toe.   Dave's toe.

  We'll move to our rented Palm Springs house (with pool and hot tub) later in the week.

It was very windy through the San Gorgonio Pass, just west of us, and the desert sand mixed with the wind to create an interesting tan cloud in the mountains.   Lucky for us, the wind stayed and played up there so we had a lovely, sunny day to run our errands.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Last days in SD

We leave in the morning, our two weeks here flew by as they often seem to do.  We did a bit of socializing, a little revisiting of favorite places and more sunset viewing.

For lunch on Thursday we went to our favorite restaurant on the ocean.    Beautiful drive, no reservations needed, few, relatively quiet fellow diners, great food, fantastic views and warm sunshine.

our route as seen over the Jeep's jingle bell decorations

approaching Point Loma Coast Guard Station

lunch on a bench with a view

cormorants and gulls are quiet guests

After lunch we wandered over to the other side of Point Loma (Cabrillo Monument) and looked down on the city of San Diego, Coronado Island, it's famous hotel and the huge military base    Lots going on down there!

Coronado Island

the famous Del Coronado Hotel with the US Naval Base in San Diego in the background

downtown SD

birds following a fishing charter boat, hoping for handouts

Thursday evening's dinner was at Laura and Kevin's socialization mobile.    Dinner was yummy, conversation was non-stop and Thor was friendly and lazy.   They're keeping him very busy.    A tired dog is a good dog, the old adage goes, especially when it's young!

here's the glamorous ears I told you about

No people pictures there, sorry.   You've seen Laura and Kevin haven't you?  But here are a few more of the magnificent Thor, at rest.

bla bla bla....he was tired of all the boring human talk so he went to bed

evidently we were still talking too loudly so he went back in the bedroom for a little peace and quiet

Friday night new friends dropped by for a sunset Happy Hour.   Jeff and Fran Pierce ( live nearby and we've been following each other's blog for awhile so we decided it was time to meet!

Pictures of people!   I took pictures of people!   Perhaps it was because they don't have a dog to photograph?   (thanks for that theory Kevin....)

We had a nice visit, drank a tasty bottle of local wine, enjoyed a beautiful sunset AND a view of the International Space Station as it flew over before the chill suggested we move inside for a bit.

we're gonna miss these sunsets

Today, we took care of a few errands and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the sun, reading and enjoying the last few hours of this lovely view.

Oh, and we saw this guy while we were's getting to look a lot like Christmas here in San Diego!

no sleigh and 8 tiny reindeer for this California Santa!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

quiet times continue in San Diego

We've been here a number of times before and, as a result, are just enjoying quiet times and revisiting some favorite spots.    Neither of us seem to be in a mood for adventure, we're more interested in simple walks and being observers of the smaller things as the frantic holiday world races by.

We drove over to nearby Ocean Beach to sit at the dog beach and enjoy the joy.

We stopped for a look at my favorite Christmas Tree.   The wonky beach ball tree on the beach in Ocean Beach.

We've gone to the small Farmer's Market in Pacific Beach, again.    Yes, more kouign amann, and a couple loaves of addictive, chewy, flavorful Sourdough Bread and lots of good, hot radishes for Dave.

ho ho ho

We followed the coast up to La Jolla to watch the fat and lazy seals lounging on the Children's Pool beach and then on to pick up a couple little Christmas treats.

tell tale seal signs......

seals aren't the only ones resting on this beach

When we got back in the car we found this little guy working the parking lot for a hand out.   He paraded around with his mouth open, looking at us pointedly and squawking for food as long as we kept the car door open.   He then moved to the next vehicle and repeated the process.    An adult sat quietly atop a nearby car, as if she was watching him ply the family trade or perhaps she just told him to "go bother someone else!!!!!"

please sir, can I have some more?

After a quick stop at a nearby shopping center (that had these really neat, living panels on it's interior walls), we headed home.

 Along the way we passed this enormous and stunningly white Mormon temple. 

Another day we thought we'd tour the USS Midway so we parked nearby and headed to the huge ship.   Turns out neither of us really felt like it, so instead we  walked and walked, once again, just experiencing what there was to see.   Don't say we missed a great museum - we have done the Midway twice before and thoroughly enjoyed the experience both times.

 mother finally takes off to rid herself of this bratty child

soft spot for a quick snooze

USS Midway in the background

this guy fished in front of us for all of a half hour.   burp

Although I have no photographic evidence, we had a nice and experimental Happy Hour with friends Laura and Kevin.    Experimental in the sense that we were invited to test the waters with their new young man.    He has the most glamorous ears you've ever seen......Perhaps I'll have some pictures tomorrow.

And, of course, we've been enjoying the fabulous sunsets over the bay.....