Wednesday, December 5, 2018

first few days in San Diego

In my previous post, Lewis was dealing with a dangerous thing next door.   Turns out the wheeled threat is only present once in a while and, so far, he has managed to keep all four feet on the ground when it rattles by.   A big accomplishment indeed!

Meanwhile we've been doing a bit of shopping and exploring while the sun shines.    Right now, however, it is pouring and the local road/town crews are out with pumps at the ready.     We're snug inside Beluga, Christmas lights glowing and pumpkin pie baking.

We've had a lovely pre-Christmas lunch on Coronado Island, walked the beach and watched some military maneuvers there, attended the little Pacific Beach Farmer's Market (and scored FOUR Kouign Amanns!!!!), were entertained by a very talented flyboarder enjoying his sport on the Bay during our Happy Hour, watched the water fowl on the bay behind us and generally enjoyed ourselves in small, quiet ways.

our table view at Il Fornaio

see the plane on approach for landing?   the pilot can practically see into the hotel rooms as he passes!

red dome of the famous and historic  Del Coronado Hotel

Dave always gets a severe case of "swivel neck" syndrome here as he tries to watch various aircraft

Ice Plant flower


when on duty, Lew does a fine job keeping this little squirrel out of our site.
when he's not on duty, the little bugger methodically denudes my potted marigolds!

setting sun turns the distant windows gold



  1. RAIN! we need it so desperately, sorry it's while you're here. At least you had a few sunny days and a perfect spot for the sunsets over Mission Bay - nice Green Flash last night. Have you seen the '' TV commercial with the flyboarding? It was filmed in PB at the Catamaran. Fran was out on a bike ride and watched it being done.

  2. Your small and quiet looks quite lovely! Glad to hear there's rain. Love the street art piece. I bet that flyboarder would love to have copies of those fabulous pics!!!!

  3. I've never seen a flyboarder! Amazing acrobatics. That earn little squirrel...Lewis has to keep focused on that daring little guy.

  4. thanks for sharing as we were suppose to be in Mission Bay now but are in Florida this year...

  5. Ahhh, lunch at Il Fornaio is always a pleasure. Even though it puts a damper on your days, the rain is a really good thing for San Diego!

  6. You missed Kevin by a few hours! He flew into SD Dec 1 and was there until the afternoon on Dec. 2. This was the first time he actually did the landing. He said he managed to miss the parking garage...haha! Glad to hear Lew is tolerating the "Wheeled Princess." He is the perfect guard for your flowers. Ahhhh, I do love the sunsets while sitting on the bay. I saw all the rain you were getting. We are suppose to get rain today.

  7. That flyboarder is amazing! How does one master that? Your pictures are great, as well. We're glad to learn the wheeled monster is not there full time. Lewis does not need that kind of aggro. San Diego really is beautiful.

  8. Dave and Steve could hang out together and just watch those planes. When we were there we had lunch near where the planes can almost be touch from the restaurant.
    I did not know Lewis also has some duties in your household.
    By the way has Steve given Dave, peedocs email address? Its the couple we introduced you in Moab, Chris and Harry(the peedoc)

  9. A lovely place to spend the holidays, indeed. We were in San Diego this time last year and enjoyed seeing all of the holiday lights. Your wildlife photos (critters and people) are wonderful!