Saturday, December 15, 2018

Last days in SD

We leave in the morning, our two weeks here flew by as they often seem to do.  We did a bit of socializing, a little revisiting of favorite places and more sunset viewing.

For lunch on Thursday we went to our favorite restaurant on the ocean.    Beautiful drive, no reservations needed, few, relatively quiet fellow diners, great food, fantastic views and warm sunshine.

our route as seen over the Jeep's jingle bell decorations

approaching Point Loma Coast Guard Station

lunch on a bench with a view

cormorants and gulls are quiet guests

After lunch we wandered over to the other side of Point Loma (Cabrillo Monument) and looked down on the city of San Diego, Coronado Island, it's famous hotel and the huge military base    Lots going on down there!

Coronado Island

the famous Del Coronado Hotel with the US Naval Base in San Diego in the background

downtown SD

birds following a fishing charter boat, hoping for handouts

Thursday evening's dinner was at Laura and Kevin's socialization mobile.    Dinner was yummy, conversation was non-stop and Thor was friendly and lazy.   They're keeping him very busy.    A tired dog is a good dog, the old adage goes, especially when it's young!

here's the glamorous ears I told you about

No people pictures there, sorry.   You've seen Laura and Kevin haven't you?  But here are a few more of the magnificent Thor, at rest.

bla bla bla....he was tired of all the boring human talk so he went to bed

evidently we were still talking too loudly so he went back in the bedroom for a little peace and quiet

Friday night new friends dropped by for a sunset Happy Hour.   Jeff and Fran Pierce ( live nearby and we've been following each other's blog for awhile so we decided it was time to meet!

Pictures of people!   I took pictures of people!   Perhaps it was because they don't have a dog to photograph?   (thanks for that theory Kevin....)

We had a nice visit, drank a tasty bottle of local wine, enjoyed a beautiful sunset AND a view of the International Space Station as it flew over before the chill suggested we move inside for a bit.

we're gonna miss these sunsets

Today, we took care of a few errands and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the sun, reading and enjoying the last few hours of this lovely view.

Oh, and we saw this guy while we were's getting to look a lot like Christmas here in San Diego!

no sleigh and 8 tiny reindeer for this California Santa!


  1. That is a perfect lunch spot!, a bench with a view :) It was such a pleasure to spend an evening with you, Dave and Lew. Our 'Happy Hour' turned into about 4 hours that flew by. Continued safe travels, I'm sure we'll meet up again.

  2. What a perfect place for lunch:) I love that area. Thor is so cute. I'm glad you took so many adorable photos. Nice that you were able to meet up with Jeff and Fran. Safe travels:)

  3. That is a MEGA-size Kong. I love Thor's expression: alert, inquisitive and intelligent. The next generation. Now, onto Palm Springs and Christmas! Plus, somebody is having a birthday next week! Fun. Love you.

  4. A musician friend of mine plays bassoon in the Navy Fleet Band where you are. He once played in our quintet. An avid hiker and outdoor kind of guy, he loves it there. I’ve never been. Happy travels onward.

  5. Looks like a fun time in San Diego with friends! Thor is very handsome—such a cute photo of him with his head hanging out of his crate. :-) Happy holidays!

  6. Man, San Diego is beautiful - all those pretty views, wonderful beaches, and entertaining wildlife. Kevin and I should go check it out at some point!! :)

    Ah well, while we may have done a lousy job actually exploring San Diego this time, at least we got to meet up with some fun friends and enjoy the sunshine while here!!

    Thanks again for coming over, thanks for Thor's new favorite "I'm a psycho" dog toy, and thanks for the good advice about all things puppy. We really appreciate the guidance and the encouragement that we're not gonna break our dog. :)

    I'm so glad we crossed paths here and we look forward to seeing you down the road!

  7. Definitely lovely views for lunch for two. Adorable ears with a beautiful dog attached! Fun to see Jeff and Fran after all these years :-) Safe travels!

  8. Because I was not there, there were no pictures of my favorite people! LOL. Will Thor and Lewis get along?