Thursday, July 11, 2024

Catch up

 We've been in the Spokane area since July 1.   We're enjoying family time and getting ready to head up into Canada on a weeklong birthday celebration for Jesse and Annie.   Dave picked some beautiful Rhubarb for the required birthday pie!

goodies from the community garden at Wild Rose RV

In an effort to catch up to real time, let me take you back to the beginning of our trip....

off we go!

Our first stop on this trip was one of our favorites....Boulder City, NV.    We got to spend some time with Pam and John, eat some really good Chinese food, and enjoy some auto hiking with dear friends.    Oh, and a little pool and river time to boot!

John the teacher.....

Taos is a Lab., typical in some ways and not in others.    His stomach has a very accurate knows when it's dinner time, happy hour and second cup down to the minute.    He's sweet and curious, loving and smart, as Labs are.    He's not a a block head, as some Labs are, and he doesn't see the need for water except to make ice cubes or to drink.    No matter how much coaxing and cajoling the four of us did he was NOT going into the pool, not even a toe.    Not afraid at all, just not going in.   Water is for drinking says he.

One day we took him to the river, to see if he would wade in and perhaps swim?

He walked in willingly and followed me out to where he could no longer stand.

His front end began to float and he discovered, if he leapt up and down, his rear legs would contact the bottom and he could motor along like a porpoise - so that is what he did.    Up and down, up and down, splash, splash, splash, until he could stand once again.   Alrighty then, not a swimmer!

Another day we drove up to the Mt. Charleston area where the temps were much cooler.      We took a short hike to a little slot canyon that Pam and John knew about.     Taos didn't wear the "hiking boots" we brought for him.   Once again, he willingly tried them on and walked around, but clearly didn't like them so we gave him a break and let him go barefoot.    If it was much hotter outside, he would have had no choice but to wear them!


boys in the shade

Mt. Charleston

learning to navigate steep, metal grate stairs

Poor Taos was so tired from all his outdoor adventures that he slept like a hibernating bear!    Didn't even notice the piece of turkey we placed in front of his nose!

Our next stop was in Caliente, NV at the small, beautiful and very quiet Kershaw-Ryan State Park.    For most of our 3 day stay we were alone.....a real bonus for me.


happy Beluga

 This park is remarkably green.  Nevada always surprises us.    Verdant green trees, grape vines and hollyhocks everywhere.  

The gloriously silent surroundings begged us to just "be", to sit still and watch the birds and play with the dog.   

he's almost too big for laps....almost

We did rouse ourselves to take a beautiful drive through Rainbow Canyon but, that's about all we did.   Nice.

water crossing

A relatively short drive north (about 130 miles) brought us to our next stop in Ely, NV.    Another spot in "dry, dusty, boring Nevada" that constantly surprises us.

The last nature stop in Nevada was, again, north on 93 to Wells.   Angel Lake RV Park is right off the highway and across the street from a Maverik Fuel station, but it's pleasant and low key and Beluga's view isn't bad at all! 

 We were there for two nights so after a quiet evening, we used the next day to drive up to the glacial tarn called Angel Lake.   We've been there before and were chased away by some pretty substantial rainstorms.    This time it was the heat that kept us from hiking around the lake.   No matter, it was just as beautiful, and we enjoyed our picnic lunch and short walk.

yay!   snow......

You're probably wondering how it could be too hot to hike but still have snow for Taos to scoot around in.    Angel Lake sits at about 8400 feet above sea level!

After Wells we had a bounce night in Caldwell, Idaho and then arrived at Blue Lake RV Park in Walla Walla for our 5 day stay.      We love Walla Walla's wineries, restaurants and scenery.   To the north are the undulating Palouse Hills and the Blue Mountains to the south.    We took full advantage of the wine tastings and the great food.    Taos added a few new experiences to his repertoire.

He listens politely

yes, he is in a stall.....


sigh....another winery.....sigh

Brasserie Four

Croque Madame with picked onion = happy Dave


halibut and rose

Mmmm, restaurant ice!

uh ohhhhh

And now, we come to sweet Annie!    We've spent some low-key time with Jesse, Erin and Anabel so far and we're getting ready to head up to Canada with them to celebrate the birthdays.

Grandpa teaching bad habits

puddles are fun

puppy and baby and grandma

red onions aren't too bad!


Next, Birthday week!