Tuesday, January 15, 2019

small pleasures

a short post on a small pleasure....

In between bouts of rain and rain and rain, a sucker hole appeared.

We took advantage of whatever lull we would have, piled in the Jeep and went looking for the sweet Desert Lily.  It was reported to be blooming, early, out in the desert near Arroyo Salado.

The desert is just beginning to bloom, this rain has whispered "spring" to the waiting flowers. 

We saw the tell-tail foliage of the Desert Lily in one area but no plants near flowering.

We walked along the wet sandy hills, following the wavy foliage clusters until we found a few that were beginning to show their beautiful trumpet like flowers.

almost open

at last, an enthusiastically blooming Desert Lily

Small pleasures.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Hello from Borrego Springs

Greetings from our beautiful site at The Springs at Borrego in Borrego Springs, south of our holiday digs in Palm Springs.    Pam and John are one site away and Lewis is enjoying the run back and forth to visit his good friends.

We just got here on Monday so we haven't done much exciting, but that's really the whole idea.    A month in one spot gives us time to do something or simply do nothing. 

three layers of mountains 

Dave and John played golf yesterday.

 Dave had a good 9 hole round and kept his back happy.   More golf will happen tomorrow.

my view

Pam caddied for John and I drove the trolley.    And enjoyed the spectacular scenery and provided support.

We all enjoyed a local Mexican dinner last night. 

 Today, however, our dear friends drove us up, over the mountains and into Ramona for a visit to the nearest Urgent Care (over an hour away).   Our colds, especially Dave's, just aren't getting any better, worse even.   One look at Dave this morning and Pam wouldn't hear of us driving ourselves.....can you believe how good they are?   A beautiful day spent driving sick friends around and waiting for prescriptions to be filled instead of hiking or golfing or Jeeping.       Long story short, we both came away with some stronger meds. (and maybe a little ice cream to speed healing) and we expect they will succeed in driving this bug away for good.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Holidays in Palm Springs

We arrived and got settled into our Palm Springs rental house on my birthday.   This is a fun house and suits us all well.

front door's view

hot tub's view....ahhhh

  I was too tired from putting up the Christmas tree (tee hee) and filling the house with food and Christmas cheer to go out for our scheduled dinner at Le Vallaurus, so we ordered pizza in, shared a bottle of wine and floated in the hot tub.   Not too bad for a birthday celebration!

Lewis enjoys this house as well, the entire back/side yards are walled in and we keep the large slider door open so he can come and go at his leisure.

are you coming guys?   guys, it's really nice out here, guys, guys?

He enjoys following the pool shark most of all, sometimes he even "catches" it!

But, if you know Lewis you know that most of his days are spent in keeping a close eye on our whereabouts (everyone's whereabouts, which sometimes leaves him exhausted at the end of the day.....) or comfortably snoozing.

we see you out there Lewis, we see you....

watching from under the mistletoe, you know.....just in case.
(keeping the ball in view also is his forte)


Jesse, Erin and Susan (Erin's mother) arrived on the 23rd and we all enjoyed the house and our time together.

Lew gives this "new" person his complete attention

As has become our tradition, Erin (with Susan's help this year) prepared Christmas morning's meal - baked Apple Pancake and Mimosas - Mmmmm.

We had one day of cloudy weather....Christmas.....but the "boys" found something to keep them busy until our retro style Christmas dinner.

the watching of the football game

the careful watching of the baking Alaskas....

We decided to make a dinner in keeping with this house's age and style so we all prepared and enjoyed surf and turf (Lobster tails and Steak Diane Flambe) with individual Baked Alaska for dessert. 

they turned out well, delicious and oh so easy!

my favorite picture

wild sunset!

We all had a lovely Christmas together but the next morning things changed.

waterside breakfast for Erin

Susan was admitted to the hospital with a recurrence of a previous, serious situation and was there until the Dr.'s felt she was stable enough to travel home (January 2).   Erin spent every minute at the hospital by her side and we held down the fort here providing as much support as we could.   She is back at her home in Casper, Wyoming being evaluated.   Erin is with her.

In addition, our dear friend Judi was to arrive here on New Year's Eve but had to cancel at the last minute due to illness.     We all just ignored New Year's eve and were in bed by 9 (hey, that's New Year's in New York isn't it?).

Now Dave and I have good old fashioned colds so we're laying low til it's time to leave.

And we've sunken to a new low.   No more gourmet meals.   Comfort food has been in order.   Don't judge, we're sick.

Today is our last day at the house.    Tomorrow morning we pack up and move back into Beluga.    We'll do some serious shopping to fill her refrigerator/freezer and Monday we move down to Borrego Springs for a month of golfing and Jeeping (finger's crossed for Dave's back.....).    Stay tuned.


Monday, December 17, 2018

Desert Hot Springs

We're back in the desert again.  We had an uneventful drive to Desert Hot Springs on Sunday.   Uneventful until we arrived at Catalina Spa and RV Resort.

While I was inside, Dave was outside unhooking the Jeep in preparation for our back-in site.    When I finished and walked outside with paperwork in hand, he was bent over picking up shattered glass from the driveway.

The woman leaving when I was entering the office got into her Class C and proceeded to squeeze past Beluga in her hurry to get to her site.   Only thing is she didn't understand her clearances and smashed into Beluga's side mirror, shattering it in the process.   Luckily Dave was able to stop and reroute her before she did more damage to our old Beluga's side.

She said she was tired and in a hurry to get to her site and take a nap.....thank you very much.

Dave examines the damage

So, in addition to Dave's normal set up procedure, he had to take the mirror apart to see what damage was done and if he could fix it himself.

Luckily, the shattered lower, heated convex mirror was the only problem and we ordered a new one this afternoon.    Linda from Vancouver has agreed to pay for the new part and was so very thankful that we were "nice". 

Beluga asked that we not photograph her "bad" side til the repairs are done

We're all nicely settled in our somewhat uneven site and are going about the business of getting ready for Christmas.    One silly, but important nevertheless, tradition is the painting of the Christmas toe.   Dave's toe.

  We'll move to our rented Palm Springs house (with pool and hot tub) later in the week.

It was very windy through the San Gorgonio Pass, just west of us, and the desert sand mixed with the wind to create an interesting tan cloud in the mountains.   Lucky for us, the wind stayed and played up there so we had a lovely, sunny day to run our errands.