Sunday, July 15, 2018

Dave works

While John and Pam are away Dave is keeping busy.....

fitting the new piece

Beluga is a rather old girl (don't react to this statement, it hurts her feelings).   She needs regular check ups and careful maintenance to keep her fit and ready to carry us to all corners of the country.   Dave has been keeping an eye on one piece of structural metal below the water heater because he noticed it was coming loose.   Upon further examination he found the culprit, a rusted support member that needed to be replaced. 

the old piece!

He cut it out, had a new piece made at our old company and fastened it in place.  Problem fixed! 

Lewis likes to help Dave with everything so he positioned himself in the shade to supervise.   He's usually a dandy supervisor except that day he neglected to warn Dave about a low clearance area on the job.   A problem for Dave.

at least he's still smiling!

The next job Dave did was to install some abrasive strips on the deck's stairs.   In his exuberance to beat us all up/down the stairs, Lewis sometimes (think, often) misses one or two and ends up in some rather spectacular crashes.   He's no spring chicken anymore and we're concerned about his long legs so perhaps the non-slip strips will help him stick his landings.....

Again he supervises

he tests each strip as it's installed

and demonstrates that he can, indeed, use each and every step

Dave's last job this week was as my sous chef.   He's very obliging in the kitchen so I give him some of the more challenging jobs ('s I don't want to do).    Today's dessert was cherry/blueberry Clafouti so, while I prepared the batter, he pitted the cherries.

David purple fingers


And, if you give him a nice glass of wine he'll grill the pork tenderloin al pastor even if it IS raining outside.

After dinner, every evening, Dave and Lewis fish off the dock.   He says there are no more fish in the lake but Lewis loves the process so they do it each night.

Lewis thinks Dave is wrong, there certainly are fish, so they just keep casting....

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

They're here!

They're here and and they're not.

We met Pam and John in Dansville on Saturday afternoon.   They were supposed to  arrive the day before but some pesky weather intervened so they decided to stay put in York until the front went through.

We had already made plans for a picnic and outdoor concert on Friday night.  Every year, in conjunction with Geneseo's Summer Festival, the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra gives a wonderful, patriotic concert outdoors on the SUNY at Geneseo's campus.   Since Pam and John wouldn't be able to join us we gave their tickets to niece Lisa and her daughter and we all enjoyed fine music and fireworks until well after dark.

So, back to Saturday.....We met them at the exit 4 off I-390 in Dansville and led them through the town and onto rt. 256 (West Lake Road).    We all parked in a small parking area the DEC provides for fishermen, unhooked the jeep and Mr. David's A-1 Experienced Driveway Pilots best man boarded their motor home for the rest of the short drive and the tricky backing/parking job into our driveway.

I must be in "summer mode" because I didn't remember to take my camera along to document this.    But you'll take my word that our two motor homes and Jeeps fit in the driveway, snugly, nose to tail. 

John and Dave perform the ritual hooking up in our thicket

good thing we're friends.   I think the rules of "personal space" are being broken...

comparing headlight strength

Lewis is over the moon!   When he's not at their "house", or sitting next to Pam on the dock or deck he's sitting at the window waiting for their door to open.

When he gets tired of sitting at the window, he moves to the couch and situates himself where he can see the windows and, thus, their door.

when she saw me pointing the camera at her she stopped feeding him from the table....
I saw you Pam!

Other than a strenuous round of golf on Sunday, we've all just been sort of lazing around.   Second cup and Happy Hour on the dock, a little lake play, dinner under the umbrella on the deck and then a fire in the little chiminea complete with s'mores.    Summer at the lake.

Pam takes a break at the woman's tee

going out for Second Cup or Happy Hour?   They both start to run together in the summer...

post dinner fire and Pam's berry crostini

and then there were post dessert s'more's

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy - double marshmallow s'mores!

Dave heads out for a short paddle

John, intrepid  paddler

Pam's garlic/herb cheese cactus appetizer!

And now they're gone......but they'll be back.   Pam's mother lives in the 1000 Islands region of New York, a few hours north of here, so the motor home is here with us and they have driven up for a visit.    Can't wait til they get back!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Ring of Fire

So....first things first.    In my last post I told you about our new (old) addition.    Mrs. Rinker. 

Upon further inspection, it was decided that she needed more rehabilitation than we were willing to give so she has moved on to a new home. 

Our time, since that decision, has gone back to enjoying friends, spending time on the dock and floating in the lake.

heading out to the end of the dock to enjoy second cup together

Our neighbors to the south spend mostly weekends there and they have a young "doodle".    She and Lewis woof at each other and wag at each other and sometimes bark.    Other than that they just watch each other live life.

Lewis watches Bella

This last week has been hot....very hot and muggy.   Sweat pours from everywhere when we try to do anything outside.    We have a lovely tall fan next to the umbrella table on the deck and we use it whenever we sit there.   It helps to keep the air moving, the hot, wet air moving.   We float at the end of the dock, Lewis swims after his fish but by the time we get back in the house we're sweaty again.    I know, what a baby I am to complain about summer being hot!    I'm not really complaining though, I just want you to know.

Even the cows in the nearby pasture spend their time standing belly deep in the pond. 

Every year, when we're here, we have a Ring of Fire party on July 3.  Dave builds an epic bonfire, we have friends over for food and drink and s'mores (when the fire dies down enough to get within 20 feet of it.....).   Fireworks go up all around the lake, some people spend a gazillion dollars on them it seems.   At 10 p.m. sharp everyone lights red flares on their shoreline and the lake seems to be ringed with fire.      The story says that this tradition started with the original residents of the area, the Seneca.    They would gather around fires on the lake's shores to celebrate it's beauty and abundance.

This year we just had a small gathering but the preparations were the same.   First, there is the building of the fire.    On Saturday evening, our friend Bob S. brought a trailer load of wood he had saved for his contribution.   He and Barb stayed for dinner and we had a lovely time visiting.

Dave really enjoys piling the wood and branches just so.   Some times Lewis tries to help.   Dave is patient with him but he really manages to remove more wood than we'd really like and eventually he's called back to the house.

beginning the fire's skeleton

construction continues

Our quiet little lake gets very busy on the 3rd of July.  The water is clogged with boats, jet skis, kayaks, SUPs, and people swimming.  The road is clogged with cars, everyone has a party and guests have to park where ever they can find a spot. 

The ducks and geese are rattled.   They don't know where to go for some peace and quiet and when people begin to shoot off fireworks early they quack and honk and flutter around.

Lewis doesn't like the booms either.   Sasha used to get really freaked out at fireworks or thunder and it never bothered Lew but this year he's not having any of it.

save me.....

On the night of July 2nd people began trying their stash of fireworks out in preparation for the big day.   Lewis wasn't a happy camper.   He squeezed up on the couch and got as close as he could to his protector. 

The night of the Ring of Fire he hid out in Beluga with the air conditioning on and radio blaring until the loud displays stopped.   We gave him a small dose of Benadryl to help mute his senses, but I don't think it helped.

Here are some pictures of our evening.   You'll remember that I take horrible people pictures, right?

soft focus?
don't look so happy Barb!

Bob and Dave light the fire 


don't ask

Barb talks, Judi glares at my camera

Dave's fire as seen from the dock

Judi and Barb stayed overnight and we spent a pleasant morning together before they left for home.    The actual 4th of July was a quiet one for us.

Next up.....Pam and John arrive!