Friday, February 28, 2020

back to Arizona

Our second last night at Rio Bend RV Resort in El Centro, CA produced a phenomenal sunset.   Unfortunately, we knew what that meant.

It meant that a change in the weather was coming.    Friday (the next day) would be a lovely warm one.    Saturday, the day we were scheduled to leave, was forecast to be extremely windy and rainy.
We've learned that to drive on windy, rainy days is most unpleasant and to be avoided when possible so we enjoyed one last morning's Blue Angel viewing and then set off for Arizona, one day early.

It was a beautiful day to drive, we saw more flowers lining the road than we had recently - maybe spring is here?

Our site at Desert Cypress (Wickenburg) was not available for Friday night but we were welcome to dry camp on their property, so that is what we did.     Mother nature gave us another beautiful light show.

The next morning we woke to the forecast rain and strong winds.    We were happy that we made the right decision to adjust our driving plans.


We waited until the rain let up a bit before moving the 1000 feet to our site for the next 3 weeks.

Since then, the weather has cooperated with us and we're enjoying our time here.   We get some lovely sun in the mornings and we take good advantage of it for second cup.   

my sweet Lewis prefers the shade so we accommodate as best we can

Two Roadrunners whiz by behind Beluga daily and the hummingbirds have found us.

they moved so fast!

she stops for a look see

Dave has been having problems with his hamstring while driving so we've decided to take advantage of our relatively long stay here and the proximity of a wonderful doctor in nearby Phoenix to see if they can help him get more comfortable.....driving is our life!     As a result, we haven't done much in the way of exploring the area. 

  I have, however, gotten tickets to a duo Piano performance at the Del Web Performing Arts Center here and recently discovered that there will be a Cowboy Mounted Shooting Competition not far away this weekend, so we're managing to have a good time anyway!

Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Beluga's view for the next few days

We're at the Rio Bend RV and Golf Resort in El Centro, CA. for a few days before heading back into Arizona.    Our site is lovely, facing a reflecting pond which, as it turns out, is home to Jeff the Duck.

Jeff's home and our view

Jeff, the Duck

He's huge and friendly and works the sites like a pro.

The "oops" in today's title refers to an omission I made in my last post.   I skipped right over Valentine's Day!

one of two stone hearts found and presented to me by my favorite valentine.....

We took yummy appetizers and beverages out to Font's Point to have a special Happy Hour at a special spot.

Happy Hour on the edge 

We ate and drank and talked and explored until sunset.    A lovely way to spend Valentines Day.

Pam walks the edge

what's down there?

this little Rock Wren kept popping up over the edge to watch us

Dave discovered that these little Desert Lilies have a sweet fragrance

Sunday, February 16, 2020

last days in the Borrego Springs area

One more pretty flower picture for you.     These pink beauties were on a Tamarisk/Salt Cedar tree.   They are an invasive species, but the blossoms are lovely nonetheless.       This picture was from a short drive we (the Banks and the Wrights) took to find a drive-through arch in Coral Wash in the Ocotillo Wells SVRA just off 86.     

We found it, we drove through it, briefly looked for another one that is said to be in the area and then we were off to our next adventure on the east side of Salton Sea.

Pam had information about the Dos Palmas Preserve, a large native Palm oasis with an artesian spring fed pool that is home to the tiny desert pupfish and the elusive and endangered Yuma Clapper Rail ('s a real bird).    We were the only ones there, with the exception of a small work crew from the California Conservation Corps who were doing some under growth clearing in preparation for a prescribed burn.

We ate our lunch on some large warm rocks before starting off on the San Andreas Trail toward the distant Palms.

it was like entering a cave

   It was a pleasant walk through the bright, sandy desert and into the dark cool depths of the oasis.

Dave and John marvel at the interesting way this palm
has chosen to grow

close up inspection of a slice of Palm along the trail

We enjoyed our stroll but emerged on the other side without having seen the pupfish or any trace of water other than bits of damp sand  here and there.

Next time we'll try the other available trail....the Dos Palmas Oasis trail.   You can't win them all!

Back in the Jeep we continued our trek to Bombay Beach on the shores of the stinky Salton Sea.  Here's an interesting article about the area, told in a much more interesting way than I ever could.....   

I thoroughly enjoyed our drive through the funky, mostly abandoned town.    Rows of empty, fenced off dusty lots sit beside empty trailers/homes (some just left die in the hard desert heat and wind, some colorfully painted and reimagined as works of art.    A few homes are lovingly tended and lived in.    Everywhere is evidence of people's "creativity" and sense of humor.

an explosion of toys

a carefully cared for home

the drive-in movie!

in a close up of the metal door I see it is trimmed in crystals

A "sea wall" or levee borders part of the town, a remnant of early 70's floods.   We drove over it to the beach of Bombay Beach and found more installations in various stages of deterioration.   Fun to wonder about....

The heavy cross was hung from above, free to move in the wind.   It was capped by a metal crown.  The surrounding area was strangely smooth and free of footprints (except one evidently clueless dog) and bordered with pieces of wood on one side and golf balls on the other....    The stained glass windows were virtually sandblasted.   That's the Salton Sea shining in the background

someone's idea of a beach chair!

It was an interesting and varied day with friends, capped off with this unusual scene as we pulled into our campground.

a little in, a little out
taking care of business

(yes, another pie) kept Dave and I from enjoying a desert driving day with friends Jeff and Fran, but we did make it to their rig in the desert for a nice happy hour.    They were only in Borrego for a few days so enjoyed our brief visit and hope to catch up with them down the road.

Today was spent at home, cleaning and watching Dave's traditional harbinger of Spring, the Daytona 500!

our little heater needed cleaning

Dave is not usually a multi-tasker but today it was cleaning and watching the 500

One more day here and we're off and into Arizona for a bit.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

time spent

Our last full week here in the Borrego Springs area was filled with good company and exploration.

a single Lupine

As always, we were on the lookout for wildflowers.   This area often has a super bloom that brings thousands of people here.    Then, the ground was carpeted with color, yellow, purple, white, chartreuse.    Last year we enjoyed an early preview but this year there are few flowers to be seen.

fragrant flowers of the Desert Lavender

Oh Dave.....

tiny blossoms

One day Pam and John, Dave and I headed into the badlands looking for adventure and flowers.

see Pam and John on top of that ridge?

the watchers

We explored Coachwhip Canyon and Smoke Tree Wash.    We had a wonderful time crawling around the rocks but saw very few blooms.

From a casual, quick look everything looks alike, tan and sandy.   Upon close inspection, life is beautiful here.

Colorful rocks among the sand catch our eye as we walk along, slowly.   Or stop to rest or blow our nose.

Still in search of the spring bloom we headed for Inspiration Point where a few Desert Lily's have been sighted.

down the sandy wash we go - our drivers are so patient with us

searching on foot

out onto Inspiration Point

she closes in......

the illusive Desert Lily!  (the only one we saw ALL day)

In between desert adventures we play golf.   Actually, John and Dave play golf, Pam plays John's caddy and I drive the trolley, cheer them on and take a few pictures.     To each his own.

It's a beautiful course, hard not to be distracted.

this Widgeon tries to escape my camera

We also watched the Westminster Dog Show on one of the cable channels provided by the RV Resort.   We really appreciated that.   For me, the show signals springtime.    For Lewis is triggers would he look with that Continental show clip instead of his devil may care, tousled coif?

Dave took one unusually inclement afternoon to finish his leveling jack repair job.   He identified the problem while we were in Tucson, engineered the "fix", and did the final, physical work here.    One would rather not have these little challenges, but when they appear, I think he enjoys working out the puzzle.

Yesterday we had a day's adventure near the Salton Sea.     I'll show you pictures next time.