Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday - Florence

We got a good nights sleep in the Elite lot and this morning we headed back to the ocean.  I felt like I was ripped away from it before I was ready and now we could get a few last walks on the beach before we start our homeward journey.   No second cup outside yet, but the day dawned sunny at last.  We bid the Elite boys adieu, filled Beluga's empty belly and off we went.

I think its more interesting this way.....

our old friend the Suislaw River, we'll follow it to the ocean
We thought we were done with unpleasant surprises, but one more tiny one awaited us at Harbor Vista County Park.   We pulled in, unhooked the jeep and prepared to use the dump station.  We haven't had a sewer connection for quite a few days, and we won't have one at this campground either, so we needed to use their "facilities" before we pulled into our site for the next 5 days.    It was CLOSED!   New hours are 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and it was l:30 when we arrived.....      Nothing on their website about it, no signs at the park entrance, just two sawhorses blocking the lanes.    Very frustrating.   I found the camp host and the maintenance man, told them our sob story and they took pity on us.   Whew.

Beluga is nestled into the Rhodies, snug as a bug in a rug
We're in the same site as we were last October, for Sasha's birthday.  This must be a birthday kind of place, because tomorrow is someone else's birthday!   His son is coming over for a nice dinner at the Waterfront Depot, one of our favorite restaurants.

The only drawback to this campground is that, once again, there is no tv service.    You'd think I'd be used to it by now, but I complain bitterly each time we put up the antenna, scan for channels, and get a big O.  (go ducks)  We drove into Florence to locate a video store and found a really good one.  Now I'm happy.  While I was in the post office picking up our mail, Dave had a good phone conversation with niece Lisa.  She called to wish him an early happy birthday.  

I don't remember if I posted pictures of this cool restaurant last year.  I'm too lazy to look back through my posts, so if you've seen them before, don't look.....

We parked next to this truck at the video store.   I can't imagine how he got so muddy, can you?

Movies are calling me, so I'll leave you with this picture of some of the beautiful flora surrounding Beluga tonight.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday - thanks for the crossed fingers!

And, Thanks to the guys at Elite RV Repair.  Our new inverter was installed today and is working perfectly.
We were so lucky to have had this failure in Oregon and so lucky that Mark and Marty and Erik were able to take us right in.    I know they juggled things to help us get back on the road so quickly and we are in their debt.    They also took care of a seal on the air dryer that blew as we pulled into their driveway!   If we have no air, we have no brakes.  Talk about luck.  That could have happened on the twisty narrow road instead of in the repair shops yard.

  We are also thankful to the Elite guys for allowing us to park next to their building.  We all enjoyed the big grassy field in front of us and the fact that we had plenty of room around us for these past two nights.  The only ding was the thunder of trains that flew past us all night long.   I didn't hear them at all, but Dave did.

Today Dave watched the work as it progressed, helped where he could and learned  how the new system worked. Later on we drove into Junction City and took care of something we've been thinking and talking about for awhile now.   Its been an expensive day, but in the end, we're happy.

In the morning we'll resume our trip and head back to Florence and the ocean once again.

say good bye....

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday - It is what it is

site C-52

When I left you last night we were getting ready to watch a movie at our pretty site in Bullards Beach State Park.
We watched about one third of Jack Reacher when suddenly the tv went dark, the lights went off and we heard an ugly electronic clicking/thumping  sort of noise.  Then everything went back on, then off, then on.....Dave raced outside and disconnected the shore power (in the pouring rain)and we sat in silence.


Long story short, our inverter is toast.  Luckily we're in the correct state for reliable help, even though its in Eugene and not cute little Bandon by the Sea.  We knew we'd have to cut our visit short and head for help, so we went to bed and slept on it.

In the morning we checked the map for the quickest way to get over to I-5, broke camp, returned the d amn movies and drove north on 101 to connect with 42 east.  A winding, narrow road in the rain isn't much fun in a large motorhome, but the roads between the coast and the interstate are few and far between and they all follow the path of one river or another through the coastal range, so they're all equally unpleasant for Beluga.

logs on the Coquille River

We arrived at Elite RV Repair just after 3 this afternoon and Mark came out to meet us and take a look at our problem.  He was very thorough, knowledgeable and pleasant.  He discussed the situation, fixes, timetables, then offered electric and water hook-ups right outside the shop.  He left saying he'll see us in the morning and we breathed a collective sigh of relief.    Thanks Nina and Paul!

our noisy neighbor passing through, again....

(the tv goes off every time a train passes)

We attached Beluga to Elite's power cord and water hose, cranked up our antenna and we were all set.  I think we'll get a better sleep tonight.    I still hold out hope that we'll be done here and in Florence for Dave's birthday dinner Saturday.....cross your fingers please?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday - Bullards Beach State Park

It was a good decision to stay in Gold Beach one more day, even though that day was very very wet.

The open shades revealed a bright, morning with thin, high clouds that promised to either burn off or recede over land.  Much better to break camp.    Dave took the dogs for one last walk on the beach this morning and we started on our short drive north to Bandon, Oregon.   Once again, breathtaking scenery around every curve of 101.

the line of clouds pulling back into the mountains

our lunch view

We arrived here around 2 p.m. and set ourselves up in a sunny site.  It was still quite cool, but the sun felt wonderful after our soggy day yesterday.  This state park is very nice, sites a little closer together than we really like, but lots of small trees and well trimmed grass between us, so its not a problem.  No TV on the antennae, though.....grrr.  We fed the dogs and drove back into Bandon to find a movie rental shop and check out a few restaurants I'd like to go to while we're came very highly recommended.

no surprise, we found ourselves drawn back to the edge of the wild ocean

Coquille River Lighthouse

We need to check this place out, a really interesting and important organization

this huge seal is an example of Washed Ashore's creativity

it is made entirely from trash collected on Oregon's beaches

so is this fish!

We found a video rental store, rented two movies and headed back to Beluga for cocktails.  It was too chilly to sit outside and watch the sunset so we plopped ourselves in the two front seats and looked out through the windshield at it.  Almost outside, right?   And, thank goodness for Sirius radio.  It usually never fails us when the TV does.  Right now we're listening to Camille Saint-Saens Symphony #3 and not missing the boob tube one little bit!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday - Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to our friends and family who have been willing to put their lives on hold, and risk their lives to defend our way of life....

Happy Birthday to dear TGB, wish you were here!

So....the weather forecasters finally got it right.   It rained all night and all day.  A misty, fine rain that blew wildly from all directions at the same time.  Fog low on the hills and mountains around us, huge grey waves, high tide.   Ugly day.  The dogs were soaked to the skin each time they went out, lucky for Dave he has a good LLBean rain suit otherwise he'd be soaked too.   Our last day here and no beach walks, boo hoo.

rainy windshield view
We stayed inside all day.  Read, talked, watched TV and movies.  We rented Impossible and Hyde Park on Hudson.   Neither helped dispel the gloom, but they helped pass the day.

Late in the afternoon we ventured out to return the movies and see what the coast looked like further than our own front door.

Turtle Rock seems to have pulled his head in to stay dry today!
bridge over the Rogue River beginning to recede into the fog

A guy's gotta eat, even in the rain

the only spot of color today.

Feral cats on the north jetty have a dry home and food thanks to the efforts of two Gold Beach friends

Thats all for today!   Tomorrow we break camp and move on up the coast to Bullards Beach State Park near Bandon,

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday - forecasters were wrong again!

Another stolen day!  This morning was a little foggy over the mountains along the river, but Beluga and the beach were bathed in lovely sunshine again.  We've decided to add another day to our stay here - the lure of that wonderful beach just steps away is hard to resist.    Before lunch we took the dogs to the beach to see if  the predicted rain was on its way.   Nope, just a bit of a fog bank at the horizon and back over the river.   Cool!

Sasha loves to "potch" in the river just before it reaches the ocean
Instead of having lunch at Beluga, we decided (or rather I decided) to find a small bakery/restaurant I'd heard about.  Its on the Rogue River, not too far from us and they have waffles!   For some reason, I've had a craving for waffles, so we went looking for them.

today's second cup view, the Rogue River from the north bank

steaming second cups while we wait for our meal

To work off our wonderful brunch we decided to combine our usual auto hiking with a few short walks to some of the spectacular vista points this coast has to offer.

And, while the beauty before us was spellbinding, we also marveled at the little things right in front of our noses.

interesting what a little moisture will do to an ordinary fence post!
Oh dear, I might have jinxed our good weather.....I hear rain on Beluga's roof.....

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday - a stolen day

Curtains up - bright sunshine!    Weather forecast called for all day rain....a stolen day for us.

We had our second cup inside because, although it was sunny, it was still pretty cool and windy.

cuddle with that coffee?

Edna Clump was ready to go OUT

Dave and I took a long walk on the beach all by ourselves before lunch.  I just wanted to poke around and not worry about which dog was eating and/or rolling on what.   No one else as far as we could see.   Ah...

Turtle Rock reflected in Hunter Creek

a closer look at turtle rock reveals sweet flowers

view from the beach, across Hunter Creek.  See Beluga's roof?

The beach along the ocean is swept clean but the beach along the river (or creek as they call it) is littered with lots of totally cool driftwood in all sizes and shapes.
Dave searching for an interesting new table leg

I wonder if this Yokohama tire is from the tsunami in Japan?

We went back to Beluga for lunch and look what we found wandering around between the campers...

It was time to take the dogs for their walk under the bridge and onto the beach.

Sasha practices what she learned in Search and Rescue Camp

Sasha takes shelter from Lewis' flying sand

only "Stranger Danger" stops his play

where's my ball?

When you're in the line of play, you get covered with sand....

beach still life