Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday - Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to our friends and family who have been willing to put their lives on hold, and risk their lives to defend our way of life....

Happy Birthday to dear TGB, wish you were here!

So....the weather forecasters finally got it right.   It rained all night and all day.  A misty, fine rain that blew wildly from all directions at the same time.  Fog low on the hills and mountains around us, huge grey waves, high tide.   Ugly day.  The dogs were soaked to the skin each time they went out, lucky for Dave he has a good LLBean rain suit otherwise he'd be soaked too.   Our last day here and no beach walks, boo hoo.

rainy windshield view
We stayed inside all day.  Read, talked, watched TV and movies.  We rented Impossible and Hyde Park on Hudson.   Neither helped dispel the gloom, but they helped pass the day.

Late in the afternoon we ventured out to return the movies and see what the coast looked like further than our own front door.

Turtle Rock seems to have pulled his head in to stay dry today!
bridge over the Rogue River beginning to recede into the fog

A guy's gotta eat, even in the rain

the only spot of color today.

Feral cats on the north jetty have a dry home and food thanks to the efforts of two Gold Beach friends

Thats all for today!   Tomorrow we break camp and move on up the coast to Bullards Beach State Park near Bandon,


  1. What about your rain suit!! Smart lady!

    Boy it definitely is gloomy. Love the bird with the fish.

    Can you send me that picture of the feral cat homes, please!? I have a friend in Virginia who helps take care of the cats there near their house. They have built a community right off the golf course. It has all these neat homes (not as cool as your). They have managed to catch each of the 18 cats and have them "fixed." Now they take donation for food and clean straw. There is a group of women who take turns feeding them. I would love to show her this community.

    Travel safely tomorrow!

  2. We've been by the cat houses. i would Caption the bird picture, dinner tonight.
    Have you taken the jet boat ride up the river yet?

  3. Been loving your posts on Gold Beach since its a spot we haven't really spent much time at. Hope the sun shines for ya in Bandon. Do go have dinner at Alloro...sumptuous.

  4. that's a record - 3 posts before I got on!!! The highlight of this one is the colorful cat picture...what a transition from the gloomy pix above it and suddenly "Technicolor!"

    Make it a good day!

  5. I remember those rainy days. We were at Gold Beach just about a year ago. Loved that area but not the weather.