Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday - Bullards Beach State Park

It was a good decision to stay in Gold Beach one more day, even though that day was very very wet.

The open shades revealed a bright, morning with thin, high clouds that promised to either burn off or recede over land.  Much better to break camp.    Dave took the dogs for one last walk on the beach this morning and we started on our short drive north to Bandon, Oregon.   Once again, breathtaking scenery around every curve of 101.

the line of clouds pulling back into the mountains

our lunch view

We arrived here around 2 p.m. and set ourselves up in a sunny site.  It was still quite cool, but the sun felt wonderful after our soggy day yesterday.  This state park is very nice, sites a little closer together than we really like, but lots of small trees and well trimmed grass between us, so its not a problem.  No TV on the antennae, though.....grrr.  We fed the dogs and drove back into Bandon to find a movie rental shop and check out a few restaurants I'd like to go to while we're came very highly recommended.

no surprise, we found ourselves drawn back to the edge of the wild ocean

Coquille River Lighthouse

We need to check this place out, a really interesting and important organization

this huge seal is an example of Washed Ashore's creativity

it is made entirely from trash collected on Oregon's beaches

so is this fish!

We found a video rental store, rented two movies and headed back to Beluga for cocktails.  It was too chilly to sit outside and watch the sunset so we plopped ourselves in the two front seats and looked out through the windshield at it.  Almost outside, right?   And, thank goodness for Sirius radio.  It usually never fails us when the TV does.  Right now we're listening to Camille Saint-Saens Symphony #3 and not missing the boob tube one little bit!


  1. Homo Sapiens can be so creative and clever when they set their minds to work on seals and sharks!

  2. A great choice in musical compositions. Imagine movies without music. It wouldn't be a movie. Every time you walk the beach you are hearing a symphony, romping in the woods, this is just on paper. And I am eternally thankful for the music around us all. Love you Sue and Dave, Lewis and Sasha too.

  3. Your pictures are beautiful,but I especially liked the last one with the water and the poppys