Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday - thanks for the crossed fingers!

And, Thanks to the guys at Elite RV Repair.  Our new inverter was installed today and is working perfectly.
We were so lucky to have had this failure in Oregon and so lucky that Mark and Marty and Erik were able to take us right in.    I know they juggled things to help us get back on the road so quickly and we are in their debt.    They also took care of a seal on the air dryer that blew as we pulled into their driveway!   If we have no air, we have no brakes.  Talk about luck.  That could have happened on the twisty narrow road instead of in the repair shops yard.

  We are also thankful to the Elite guys for allowing us to park next to their building.  We all enjoyed the big grassy field in front of us and the fact that we had plenty of room around us for these past two nights.  The only ding was the thunder of trains that flew past us all night long.   I didn't hear them at all, but Dave did.

Today Dave watched the work as it progressed, helped where he could and learned  how the new system worked. Later on we drove into Junction City and took care of something we've been thinking and talking about for awhile now.   Its been an expensive day, but in the end, we're happy.

In the morning we'll resume our trip and head back to Florence and the ocean once again.

say good bye....


  1. Whew ...close call! Glad everything is fixed now. And that "you're on the road again!"

    Pre-happy BIrthday DAVE!!!!! What number is it?

  2. What incredible luck to be so close to your preferred repair facility!

    Before we bought our rig we discovered the RV furniture place in Junction City. We may be stopping there ourselves this fall.

  3. Love getting new furniture!!

    How great that you were able to get all fixed so quickly!! Luck was with you in many ways.

    Travel Safely!!

  4. Having things break and/or go bad in our Rv's can be very stressful for sure. It is a wonderful feeling when we know good and trustworthy mechanics. Do you know what went wrong with your inverter?

    We had ours go out one time, but a reset worked.

    Enjoy Florence!!


  5. This is so funny. Do you remember seeing a green Beaver Monterey on Thursday while you were at Elite? That was us! We've been here for several days. We now have 3 days worth of body work and then we'll be gone. Elite is just the best. Nice looking couch.