Tuesday, July 29, 2014

this and that

Nothing new on the sale of the farm, yet.   Last Friday our realtor held a realtor's open house and had a good turn out, she says.    While strangers were crawling over my house, a dear friend kept Dave and I company at the lake.     Later we took a little trip to the Abbey of the Genesee so Barb could buy some of their delicious breads.   I forgot the camera.....but the Chapel was under renovation so there wasn't much to see.

When the house was ours again, the three of us enjoyed a take-out fish fry in front of a nice fire on the patio.    Barb brought lemon cheesecake with strawberries and blueberries.  

Most of the rest of the week we just did what we do, then started to get ready for a short Denver trip to visit with Jesse and Erin.    Next Friday, (our 44th wedding anniversary)  we'll all drive up to Casper, Wyoming to attend a memorial service for her dad.

so happy then, so happy still....

Today was a hard one for me, one of a few hard days I knew we'd have trying to get rid of things that represented wonderful times together.    As our son often tells me, they are just "things"....he's right but some of those things are harder to part with than others.    Even if they will have no use in our future plans, they signify the end of a memorable period.

These "things" will have a good new home.   I'm donating them to a local horse rescue organization.   Thanks for taking care of that for me Cindy P.  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Today was very hot.   and very humid.     Hot and humid, ugh.   After working around all day we came up with a very fine solution to the oppressive weather.

Cocktails at the lake, or should I say.....IN the lake.   Ahhhh.

Friday, July 18, 2014

We'll try anything.....

Our life long friend from the Buffalo area, Judi, came to stay with us for a a few days.   She came bearing gifts.    First, she brought our favorite pizza from Bocce's.   No pizza can hold a candle to Bocce's and we hungrily ate one for lunch (she brought 2!)

Second, she brought a long something to help us with the sale of the farm......Yep, we'll try anything.  

Who knows!    So, the three of us did the required digging of the hole, careful placement of little St. Joe likeness,  the burying of the statue, and the reciting of the required prayer over the burial.    (Judi is Catholic, so she said the prayer to keep things proper......)

We had our first showing yesterday.....coincidence?  

As I said, we'll try anything to get ourselves back on the road........stay tuned.

Monday, July 14, 2014

C'est la vie!

At second cup this morning we discovered that.......the tiny little wren with the big voice,

You know, the one with the nest in my window box.....

has hatched a GIANT cowbird!

Don't worry though, after it fledged shakily this morning, I moved a geranium leaf and peeked into the little nest.    There are two very very tiny baby wrens still inside.    I bet they love their now roomy nest and not having to share bug meals with their mammoth brother.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

another day

Last night's spectacular sunset gave way to the beautiful "thunder moon" rise over the lake.  We're so lucky to be able to spend evenings and early mornings in Beluga at the lake.  

This morning the sound of heavy planes flying low awakened us.  Geneseo's Warplane Museum is holding its annual air show this weekend (the Greatest Show on Turf, they say) and the participants were doing their practice maneuver's over the lake, right over our heads!    No pictures, sorry.    Its way hard for me to enjoy them soaring above and also focus on them to shoot.    I chose to be in the moment and leave the camera inside.    Maybe later, though, the air show goes on all weekend.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ring of Fire

The 4th of July is sort of anti-climactic here, almost a non-event.   People who live near Conesus Lake really pull out all the stops on the 3rd of July.   That's the night that most folks living on the shores of the lake forget that fireworks are illegal in New York State.   It seems everyone is trying to outdo their neighbor for the biggest, loudest and longest display.  Its a wonderful night to have a party because at about 9 p.m. the free (to us that is) entertainment starts.    Fireworks begin, lots of people have big bonfires and at 10 p.m., sharp, everyone lights red flares all across the lakeside of their property giving the celebration its name - Ring of Fire.

When Jesse was  just a little guy it was hard to explain to him why everyone was shooting off firecrackers and more when the practice was illegal.   He wanted to know why the sheriff's boats were patrolling the lake but not arresting anyone.    Should we call them and tell them, didn't they see and hear what was happening?   He wanted answers and we had none.   Fortunately he was easily distracted by s'mores.....

In the past we've always had big parties on the 3rd but this year, since we had squatters on our land, we stayed very low key.   Just us, them and Geneva and Walter.   No fancy food, no tubs of wine and beer, no decorations.    We had fun anyhow and the next time we're here on the 3rd, we'll resume the celebration as usual.   Perhaps the squatters will return then.

So, as I said, people are very competitive on the 3rd.  Dave is no different, except his creative expressions aren't in the line of fireworks.   He is all about the bonfire.

We're going to do what with this wood, where?

He doesn't want me to show you his efforts this year, he says he was real tired and only was able to scavenge a small amount of wood.

Mr. John, our resident work camper, offered to help and Dave had no idea of this man's strength.
They both unloaded the trailer by tossing the branches and stumps over the fence to the lake level grass.    Mr. John is freakishly strong and managed to overshoot and toss one right into the water.
Luckily he had his swim suit with him so he was dispatched to retrieve it before a boat strike occurred.

Stop!  Come back

the water was chilly......

mission accomplished

It started to rain, but the two men kept working on the build.    When it was done, they covered it and continued their work elsewhere.

Pam ponders the weather change across the lake

Mr. John's Statue of Liberty impression
Good, don't you think?

Fire built, deck rinsed and swept, buntings hung, we decided to head back to the farm for some dinner.    The workampers needed a little down time, Mr. John was becoming a bit giddy from all the work.  

After dinner we rejoined the work crew, recently showered and much calmer,  and the fire was uncovered.   We were open for business.

Oh Dave.....

The lighting of the fire

You'll note that the fire lighting is taking place in broad daylight.   Dave can never wait for dark to torch his masterpiece, so we all gather around him patiently clucking about what a beautiful shape it is, how nicely its burning, how HOT it is, how we can't really get too near it lest our sandals melt, etc.   Fortunately he tends it lovingly and it stays bright and hot until well after midnight.

hold your applause please

Ta Daaaaa!

I've never been able to get my camera to take a picture of fireworks, but this night I had a little success so, here they are!

At 10 p.m. the flares began to ring the lake.  Without our docks out in the lake, we couldn't see much to the north and south, but the total effect is really beautiful.

Pam ignores the view while trying to find out how much all these fireworks cost...

brave woman toasts marshmallow 

brave man eats s'more


(note the square marshmallows and the peanut butter cups)
Pam is not one to follow tradition.....

We had a lovely time and didn't get back home until near 1 a.m., a real stretch for us old folks.  By the way, in case you're wondering how Sasha made out with all these booming, flashing demons in the sky, she didn't hear a thing.    We've recently realized that she's as deaf as a post so at last she had a peaceful 3rd of July!

Pam invited us over the next day for a 4th of July cookout and farewell dinner.   We're really going to miss their company and Pam's delicious meals.   They've been a lifesaver for us and we haven't laughed so much in a long time.    Thanks again guys, it was great.

We managed to resurrect the embers of last night's bonfire since it was a chilly 4th.  It was nice sitting in front of it, sharing the warmth.    Lewis and Sasha will miss Gramma Pamma and her man too.     John plays ball with Lewis and he throws that tennis ball in the most interesting places.

I think you can see what Lew and Sash will miss about Pam.....Cookies in each pocket keep them very very interested.    They'll have to go to boot camp for some remedial training now.

We decided that, since Pam and John had gotten the lake site all warmed up, we might as well move Beluga down there until the bulldozers chase us out.   This was my morning's view, not bad eh?
this morning's view from Beluga's window

P.S. Sorry Fred, we couldn't wait til after dinner to taste your wonderful, homemade tapioca pudding.    Mmmmm  Thanks again!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The first and last garage sale

Last Saturday we held a large garage sale in our Morton bldg.   Cindy P was going to have a sale at her farm and asked if we wanted to join her.    Long story short, the location of the joint sale moved up here because we had the huge empty bldg. to use in case of inclement weather.   Also, we seemed to have lots and lots of "stuff" to sell and it was easier to stage it all here.

trotting out the wares

The day was beautiful and sunny, although pretty hot and humid.   We were able to open the building's front almost completely to take advantage of any breeze that came our way, but it was still debilitating.    Our friends, Robin and Tom, came down to be extra eyes, sales associates and all around cheer leaders.    Cindy P, Geneva and Walter brought their goods up and we all staged and priced things on Friday.

We made a good bit of change on the sale (mostly because of Dave's huge store of tools)  ran lots of people through the building, saw lots of old friends, neighbors we didn't know we had, and a few people we'd rather not have seen.

the crew...Dave, Robin, Geneva, Cindy P and Tom

lots of interest

Most of the day was a blur to me.  I'm not used to talking to so many people, not used to dickering with folks for cents on the dollar.     We were told that there would be busy times and then lulls.   I don't remember too many lulls.

Robin relaxes in the shade

Cindy and Geneva visit during a break in the action

We were surprised at what things sold and what things didn't.  I guess that's the way of garage sales.     This was our first and our last.   I was touched by all the willing and cheerful help we had,  we enjoyed visiting with friends all day, but in the end it was just too much work.    Goodwill, the Salvation Army, Volunteers of America will be the recipients of what's left.

We found this old gal in the barn last week.
Off she goes!

Tom and Robin had baseball tickets that night, so they left late in the afternoon.   Pam and John brought over a delicious dinner for the rest of us, chicken with artichokes and tomatoes and a yummy salad.    After brownies, ice cream and assorted toppings we were all down for the count.

We're glad its over, we're thankful for the help, thankful that we could "recycle" some of our stuff, thankful for good friends, old and new.   But, no more garage sales for us.