Sunday, March 21, 2021

Still Wickenburg

 We're happy to say that we both had our second Moderna Covid shots and experienced relatively little side affect from it.    We felt a little tired the next day and used that excuse to take a lovely mid-day snooze but nothing else happened.     We ate a normal dinner and slept through the night.    It's in the rear view mirror now and we're happy campers.

Dave did not have the epidural injection scheduled for the same day, as was originally planned.    The doctors both said they didn't know if it would compromise the Covid immunization so we decided to not take that chance.   One thing at a time.   He's scheduled for the steroid injection on April 2 now....finger's crossed that it works for him.

Life has been relatively quiet and slow here.   No explorations or visits with anyone.   The weather has been lovely and we've done a lot of reading in the sun.    The trees next to us have leafed out and are now home to lots of bird activity, which we always enjoy.  

binoculars poised


There is some news, however.     We have accepted a great offer on our sweet lakeside cottage and will close on the sale very soon.   

  Keeping or selling, keeping or selling....that has been the subject of  second cup and happy hour conversations between us for some time now.    We both love the cottage and the lake.    We love the beautiful New York summers and our dear friends there.      What we don't love, however, is the long stressful drive across the country twice a year.    We love the west, have loved it since our first cross country trip in 1971.     If it was up to Dave, we would have moved to Arizona many years ago.     The "crossings" are always during the worst weather months for traveling the way we do.   I can't say how many times we've danced between fronts that were throwing tornados in our path, or halted in our tracks in order to stay put during an early spring/early fall ice storm instead of meeting it on the road.      Making sure we stopped for the night at a campground with a storm shelter had become the norm.  Exhausting.

We're absolutely NOT finished with traveling though.    We feel that the time is right to move our "home base" from the east to the west.     We hope to find a place in Arizona to spend most of the winter (with a few MH visits to favorite places nearby) and then travel for the late spring, summer and early fall.    We aren't done with the Pacific Northwest area and since Jesse and Erin have recently moved up there, our timing seems perfect.      

Lots of balls in the air for us right now.    Did I say "quiet and slow"?    Perhaps not.

gratuitous Lewis photo for his friends



Friday, March 5, 2021

Wickenburg, AZ

We left Catalina State Park and arrived in Wickenburg, Arizona about 2 weeks ago.    Time flies when you're having fun!     I haven't taken many pictures here, we haven't done much since we arrived.    Covid and Dave's leg/back problems have kept us relatively static, with a few notable exceptions.

We usually stay in a pretty small site near the entrance because we back into a copse of trees that gives us some visual relief from all the fifth wheels, pick up trucks and the noisy off road vehicles zooming in and out.     When we sit outside we can turn our back to it all and gaze into the trees.    Our neighbor on one side was a very nice man, famous to many NASCAR fans.    Ron is a retired Winston Cup Truck Champion so Dave had lots of fun conversations.     He and his wife couldn't have been more pleasant.

On our other side, however, was the absolute opposite type of person.    When we first arrived we found that his truck was parked over the line and impeded our entrance.   He and his wife were not home at the time, but the Manager of the RV Park called him to ask if he would mind moving his vehicle back completely into his spot when he got home.   I was there, she was pleasant and courteous to him on the phone.    He screamed and swore so loudly at her, I could hear him all the way across the room!  He most certainly would NOT!   He was here first and he needed that space......

We could have shoe-horned Beluga in tight to his truck to claim our rightful space, we could be as obnoxious and self righteous as he was,  but what would that accomplish?    A rude, cocky, entitled ass as a next door neighbor.   Oops, his truck door just accidently bashed into Beluga, oops, our sewer hose accidently sprung a leak, oops his grill accidently fell over into Beluga's side......Nope, we pick our battles.    So we ignored him, looked into the trees and waited for another spot to open up. 

view from my window

 A few days later a great, large and private spot opened and the Mgr. moved us into it immediately with her apologies.    We're so happy here.....we have lots of birds visiting and unobstructed sunset views over the river bed (if there are clouds that is....and there are few clouds lately).   Our neighbors (only one one side) here are great, even bringing Lewis steak cut offs for his dinner! 

When we sit out for happy hour or second cup, there is no one in view, just the wide open sky.   Nice.

Sometimes we are entertained by a small Cooper Hawk that flies in and perches in our nearby Fremont Cottonwood tree.   I guess he's looking for his own second cup goodie.

What really gets us laughing though is the tiny Kamikaze hummingbird that dive bombs the hawk, with no concern for his own safety!   It's quite entertaining and the little guy never gets a rise out of Mr. Cooper, no matter how annoying he becomes.

We had an overnight of rain last week.   It was a real blessing as the summer monsoons didn't arrive this year and everything is tinder dry.

our chairs dry in the warm sun

We've used the services of Mr. David's A-1 RV Repair and Mobile Beauty Shop here a few times lately.   Beluga's rear furnace was beginning to squeal like a little piggy when we turned it on so Mr. David's best technician replaced the blower motor, both fans, the burner head and ignitor and all is peaceful and quiet and warm here in the mornings now.

this particular tech works best with a mouthful of screws

His Number 1 mobile TV technician installed Chromecast on the bedroom tv so I could watch whatever I want when I retire in the evenings and Dave can focus on whatever he wants in the living room.    Check that one off the list.

He is brainstorming a tricky fix on Beluga's parking brake surround.   It's beginning to show it's age and needs some reinforcement and strengthening.   This particular problem has been the subject of much consternation.    Mr. David's tech may or may not need to use some of Steve's tools to accomplish his plan.    Stay tuned. 

Occasionally this company's techs get so involved in their work that they forget how to answer the phone when we call.    They do such good work that we forgive these little confusions.

One of the main reasons we're here is for Dave to visit his doctor in Phoenix.   His leg pains (which we now realize are back problems manifesting themselves in the thigh) have gotten worse to the point where sitting is difficult, and driving is very painful.    Last week he had an MRI in Sun City and, as a result of that imaging, he is proceeding with treatment.     Our second Covid vaccination appointment falls on the same day as the prescribed bilateral epidural steroid injection, so Dave will be needled in a number of places that day!

We both ascribe to the theory that "a little sugar helps the medicine go down", or in this case, a little grease helps the medicine go down so after the MRI we stopped at Five Guys for a wonderful burger and some lovely, greasy french fries.   All better now.

Lest you think that our stay has been all unpleasant, we've had the pleasure of visiting with friends and new residents of Wickenburg, Steve and MonaLiza!   Their new home is perfect and we've been able to enjoy it with them a few times.    Two nights in a row they fed us dinner.    Actually it was supposed to be one dinner, but due to a slow delivery it turned into two.    MonaLiza ordered PEI Mussels for dinner, she knows Dave loves them, and they were to arrive on Wednesday.    We all sat and enjoyed glasses of wine and a little appetizer while we waited....and waited.    They never arrived so Steve quickly improvised by pulling  a really delicious pizza direct from their freezer!   (it was really good!)   Afterward they treated us with a knock-out drink.....Screwball!

where to they make this stuff?

Who knew peanut butter and whiskey could taste so d amn good together?

A phone call yesterday had us heading back to their home - the mussels have arrived!   Dave orders them whenever they're on a menu and they are some of Steve and MonaLiza's favorites.    I was the only one who had never eaten a mussel (or clam or oyster)    My verdict?     Wonderful!    I've joined the ranks of the rest of the world now.   Good girl.

That's all I've got for now.   Hopefully it won't be so long between posts next time,  but who knows?