Saturday, September 19, 2020

Fall is knocking on our door


Fall officially starts this week, and I see evidence of it around me.    The trees are beginning to color and the fall wild flowers are showing themselves.

We had a frost this morning (good thing my potted plant's pre-programmed growing season is finished) and the lake is poking it's head out from under a foggy blanket most mornings.   Another cold morning is forecast for tomorrow.   Sigh.

sometimes we need a little fire at second cup!

Birds are banding up, seagulls form floats in the middle of the lake and large groups of beautiful  Cedar Waxwings fly between our trees eating bugs and talking quietly amongst themselves.   Spiders are becoming logy.

A reminder of the fall's upcoming election inserted itself  into our view as we were peacefully eating lunch last Saturday.

So much for fall.    Here are a few pictures of what remained of a relatively pleasant and uneventful summer.

early morning fog lifting

four skiers, count them, four skiers!  

last boat ride for the summer

lake view of the cottage and Beluga

this dear little flower grows up from our pebbly beach....only one

One afternoon we felt brave.   We've both been missing restaurants....really missing them.   We were in the city for a few quick pick-up errands so we decided to visit one our old favorite restaurants, Olives.
Well, "visit" meant to call in a take-out order, race in and get it, then drive to a waterfront spot along the Erie Canal to savor our gyros and Greek fries in the Jeep.   Phew, it was nice.

packet boat glides along the Canal

During the lower level's construction upheaval, I came across a few of my mother's travel journals.   I'd forgotten about them completely.   I remembered how embarrassed I was by them at the time, don't ask!   Now to see their happiness and read the little details of their lives, their small pleasures, just to see her handwriting, I realize what a gift they are to me.     

We did our absentee voting thing at the County Board of Elections last week.  I stepped to the huge window to take a picture of the beautiful valley view but when I put it on the blog I noticed it was smiling at me!   It was happy we voted I assume!

I'm so lucky to have a husband who likes getting up at dawn.
Thanks Dave