Tuesday, August 25, 2020

this and that

Here we are, nearing the end of the summer season.    One day is much like the last, that is not a bad thing.     Just not particularly blog worthy.

  I understand that Blogger will be changing it's format in a matter of days, I've heard others complain about it.   If you don't ever hear from me again you can assume I'm lost somewhere in Bloggerland and can't figure it out.

Here are some pictures chronicling our passing summer no particular order.

this is for you Gay!

resurrecting simple old menus

and plenty of pink wine!

sun in his eyes

fishing excitement often turns into falling, headfirst, into the lake and then swimming home

our hummingbirds love this little cigar plant

pleasant second cup morning

gratuitous baby goat picture

Mr. David's Battery Changing Group, LLC,  taking care of a screaming smoke detector in our bedroom

last nights strong storm slinking away over the lake this morning

downstairs construction zone doubles as a poodle grooming shop and

a barber shop for naked men

last puzzle almost finished

study in patience

Swim Ladder Dozing Duck  (ever hear of one of those Eric or Laurel?)

Rather than showing you Dave's lower level progress, which is mighty, I thought I'd show you Dave at the end of his day....

done for the day


he performs a dusty deadman's float

Monday, August 3, 2020


My camera is collecting dust in the corner.  I find I use my phone for the few pictures that may be interesting to you or something we haven't already seen 15 times in the past.   Summer is passing by, one day at a time.      I'm still cooking all our meals.   We did finally go out for a burger yesterday but when we saw "others" using the outdoor tables at Tom Wahls in Avon, we couldn't do it and ended up eating in the Jeep.    So much for eating out.    The Lakeside Cottage Bistro will continue to be our favorite restaurant.   The food is good and the ambiance suits us.

Pork Wellington with mustard sauce and Sweet Potato/Rutabaga Mash with Sage and Garlic

August 1 was our 50th wedding anniversary.     Sweet Dave surprised me with a sentimental gift (after we decided NOT to buy gifts), a proof 1970 fifty cent piece set in a simple gold bezel to wear around my neck. 

He was wonderful then, and he's wonderful now.   I'm a very lucky woman.

were we ever that young?

Our day was spent quietly, the way we like it - together.    Some beautiful flowers arrived for us and Judi (my maid of honor way back then) brought us a cool personalized gift.   We're lucky, Dave and I.

Jesse and Erin sent this bouquet

Cindy P dropped off this beautiful bundle while I wasn't looking!

Thanks Judi!

The weather has been up and down, mostly hot.    Some nasty storms have rolled through but haven't stayed long.

the skies were dramatic

couldn't see across the lake

and then it withdrew

Dave is busy downstairs.  The walls are up and he's in the "mud" phase right now.   Rock and roll is blaring and he's grooving.

Lewis is fine now, at least we hope he is.    Almost two weeks ago he had surgery to remove a small mass on his eyelid and another, more worrying one, in his mouth.    They were biopsied but we haven't heard anything back yet.    Finger's crossed everyone.....

 He is such a good dog.   He accepted the horrible cone without complaint.   He couldn't get up the stairs from outside with it, however, and we had to remove it before we took him out to "get busy".
Since he was so very obedient and accepting we decided we could put him in a much more comfortable restraint after the first day.   An inflatable donut  collar would make it more difficult for him to reach his eye with a back foot.   To make it even more difficult I put a bootie on his foot.....he didn't shake it, bite at it or pay any attention whatsoever to these embarrassments.    "if you want me to wear these things, I'll do my best"     He always gives us his best.

I actually think he enjoyed having his own special pillow that went everywhere with him.      He's past all that unpleasantness now, no more bootie, no more collar, no more soft food (although I know he loved the scrambled eggs I made for his breakfast).

That's our August so far!