Tuesday, August 25, 2020

this and that

Here we are, nearing the end of the summer season.    One day is much like the last, that is not a bad thing.     Just not particularly blog worthy.

  I understand that Blogger will be changing it's format in a matter of days, I've heard others complain about it.   If you don't ever hear from me again you can assume I'm lost somewhere in Bloggerland and can't figure it out.

Here are some pictures chronicling our passing summer no particular order.

this is for you Gay!

resurrecting simple old menus

and plenty of pink wine!

sun in his eyes

fishing excitement often turns into falling, headfirst, into the lake and then swimming home

our hummingbirds love this little cigar plant

pleasant second cup morning

gratuitous baby goat picture

Mr. David's Battery Changing Group, LLC,  taking care of a screaming smoke detector in our bedroom

last nights strong storm slinking away over the lake this morning

downstairs construction zone doubles as a poodle grooming shop and

a barber shop for naked men

last puzzle almost finished

study in patience

Swim Ladder Dozing Duck  (ever hear of one of those Eric or Laurel?)

Rather than showing you Dave's lower level progress, which is mighty, I thought I'd show you Dave at the end of his day....

done for the day


he performs a dusty deadman's float


  1. Lots of fun pictures. 'Dirty Dave' is priceless!, and he's doing an excellent job of both working on the basement and cleaning up! :)

  2. Awesome lake photos! Such a relaxing spot to spend the summer while social distancing. Great rainbow photos!! Good to see my furry friend. Well, that's one way to keep the plaster dust from coming upstairs...haha!

  3. Mudding and sanding are so messy. That's pretty cool that there is a lake to walk into to deal with the aftermath. We're all looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  4. Thank you very much for the zinnia fix! Being busy, being lazy, and “just being” all sound like a wonderful summer. We always enjoy your photos and posts especially when Lewis, flowers, and rainbows are included!

  5. I need a steady stream of Lewis and baby goat pictures in my life right now.

    Glad to hear you guys are doing well. Looking forward to seeing the finished renovation project!

    Good luck with Blogger. I use WordPress and regularly rely on assistance from tech support (ie: Kevin...) when they mess with stuff.

    1. Isn't the little goat adorable? He was just one week old and his owner brought him into the feed store for socialization! I normally hate goats (with good reason, don't ask) but perhaps if they all had been properly socialized (who knew) I would have had better dealings with them.

  6. You truly know how to appreciate the simple joys in daily life. Part of that is making the effort to make life special...second cup by the lake, beautiful meals beautifully presented, good wine, and enjoying the beauty that surrounds you. So fun to see Dave's daily ritual of lake bathing after a hard day of work (can't wait to see the reveal!). And sweet Lewis and that adorable baby goat made me smile. OX

  7. Oh, and the Swim Ladder Dozing Duck!! That's a new one, lol!

  8. Hard to pick a favorite Dave photo this time. The ladder feet crack me up. Oh that rainbow!!!!! I do envy you your water this time of year. Stunning colors on your bouquet.

  9. Replies
    1. As you will note, I had to run a "Test" because I've had trouble with comments posting with blogs using blogger. Not sure why. But, of course, this time because it's a "Test", it published. Of course. Anyway, we've been following you and John and Pam for sometime. Almost drove over to introduce ourselves to the four of you at Borrego but chickened out, not wanting to intrude. We love your sense of humor and writing style. Even though we'd love to meet you folks someday, we REALLY want to get to know you just enough to fish from your dock...all summer.