Thursday, August 23, 2018

Fun and not fun

Jodee, Bill and Tessa came to the lake on Monday, as planned.   It was wonderful to see them again, and our two jeeps got reacquainted in the driveway.

They were in our area just for the night (and just to see us!), in the middle of some serious driving,  so we kept things nice and low key.

Happy Hour on the boat, a local, summer time dinner outside on the deck, travel conversations in between.

I know this isn't my house, but do you all see the three guys in the boat out there?

Lake life is new to Miss Tessa.   She was concerned about the stability of the dock, had to be hauled, unceremoniously, on to the boat and needed us to know that there were people in boats coming near.   

Before I knew it they had to head home and get ready for another day's drive in the morning.    We'll see them down the road, a very nice thought.

Bright an early on Wednesday morning, as Jodee and Bill took off for their next stop, we headed into Rochester for my 8:30 knee arthroscopy appointment.

The University of Rochester outpatient facility is a finely tuned assembly line.   Everything went according to plan, I talked with my assigned intake nurse, surgery nurse, surgeon (who marked my leg with his initials, just to make sure he did the right leg), physician's assistant, anesthesiologist, his assistant, etc. and then heard them all give the same spiel to the person in the next cubby.   They wheeled me down to the surgery and that's the last I remembered.     Home to the couch by 1:30.   

Notice that I'm not wearing my wedding ring, they made me take it off for the surgery.
I hadn't had it off in 48 years!  A major trauma for me.

I don't remember much of yesterday, but what I do remember I'd rather forget.   Evidently my body does not like Percocet.    Not one little bit.   And don't get me started on crutches!      The medication served to empty my stomach of everything I tried to put in it, within minutes, every single time.  Not so much as a sip of water.      I'm doing better on the crutches today, but yesterday Dave had to walk backwards in front of me with his arms spread out to catch me as I wobbled and tipped myself from the couch to the bedroom and in between.   Lewis took his self appointed job of nurse quite seriously.   He stuck very very close, except when the crutches came out.   That worried him a bit because they scared him, but I was using them and he NEEDED to stay with me.  He's settled down a bit now, but he's still worried about me.    What a guy.

keeping a close eye on the patient, dear sweet boy.

The compression bandage comes off in the morning and PT starts next week so I think we're on schedule!

Friday, August 17, 2018

what we're up to

they daylilies (we just call them ditch lilies) are winding down

Our flurry of visitors has calmed somewhat since the Ponds drove away last weekend.    Well, actually we have had a new visitor, and she's done some serious remodeling.    Looks like she'll be here awhile and we're happy she's chosen us!

The little Carolina Wren has remodeled the previous tenant's nest
to make it more to her liking.

here she is!

 Last night we met Robin and Tom and Bill at the Rabbit Room for a wonderful dinner and visit.    Jodee and Bill's travels will take them near us on Monday so they're coming for the afternoon!   We're so looking forward to seeing them.  After that I've cleared our schedule for a bit.    My left knee has been giving me a lot of trouble since January and, after trying weeks of  PT, I've decided to have a scope and "clean out" of that joint this Wednesday.      We're still planning on leaving here mid September, so finger's crossed that all goes well with recovery and the subsequent PT!

In the meantime, we're continuing to check off things on the ever decreasing list of things we want to do before that departure date.   

hard at work
This week Dave worked on steam cleaning Beluga's carpets.   Evidently we used the wrong proportion of cleaner to water and it resulted in "sticky" carpets so he has rinsed them all again.   All better.    Except he was working inside, in the incredible heat and humidity and I think he must have lost 20 lbs. in sweat before the job was done.   No complaining....he's wonderful.

I've been coming up with new recipes to use up the HUGE bag of frozen rhubarb our friend Barb brought us.    It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.   Dave enjoys the fruits of my labor.      We've been enjoying the season's fantastic tomatoes (from a small Amish vegetable stand in Mt. Morris) by eating BLT's almost everyday.

  Lewis continues to enjoy visits with friends and fishing.   He employs several techniques to communicate his desire to fish.

I want to fish, I want to fish, I want to fish, I want to fish

Staring is one of his "go to" techniques.   Combined with herding Dave toward the door leading downstairs usually produces the desired result.    If it doesn't, he disappears, and after a while that technique works.   He's very patient.  We eventually realize he's not staring at us, we wonder where he's gone, look around the house and find him in the lower level, lying directly under Dave's fishing pole....hint hint.   When Dave finally arrives, Lew leaps up and starts dancing around the pole, screaming and chortling.     Dave gives in....what's a guy to do with such a compelling argument?

now there's a happy boy!

Our neighbors next door are here mostly on weekends only.   They bring their young labradoodle, Bella, when they come.    She's in love with Lewis.

their eyes lock

And, why not!   He's tall, dark and handsome, an older man, a forbidden love.
She barks and wiggles and offers her squeaky toys to him (through their porch railing) when he comes outside.   He barks at her, gently.     When we are on the dock she sits at the end of their dock and stares at him til she catches his eye.   She wags and wiggles.   He stares with mild interest.   Such a cool dude.

Last week she figured out that she could jump off their breakwall, race through the water and up onto ours before "they" notice she's gone.....if she does it quietly.      Together at last.    I have no pictures of these encounters, I never seem to have my camera or phone on me.   I just stand and watch and laugh.    She circles him at lightning speed with a huge grin on her face.   She play bows, he play bows, she races in circles and pretends to grab his leg....he grrrrs softly, she stops.  They run off.  And on and on and on.   The neighbors are mortified.   They call her, she ignores, they call her more loudly, she ignores.   They finally jump down, wade through the water and up onto our yard to try and grab her.   Fat chance!
We call Lew to us and she follows, allowing them to try and pick her up.   She goes completely limp, her bones liquefied she flattens herself to the lawn.   They can't get their hands under her, they apologize profusely and we tell them it's no problem, Lewis is enjoying himself.    She nips at their hands as they finally lift her, she doesn't want to go but they're bigger and stronger and off she goes.   Poor girly, they've put up many puppy gates all over the top of the breakwall to discourage her, we look forward to seeing how that works for them - love is a strong emotion in the young.

Saturday, August 11, 2018


Last Saturday Mr. David's A-1 Dedicated Driveway Pilot's LLC was, once again, called into service.   Dear friends Cindy P and Walter arrived and requested assistance to back their little SunnyBrook fifth wheel trailer into the driveway for their week's stay with us.

Cindy keeps her three little dachshunds company while they acclimate to the lake

They used to be our neighbors when we lived at the farm and I've known Cindy for many, many years.     Since they moved to Kentucky Cindy hasn't been back often and Walter's parent's still live in the area so their list of "to see" people is very long. 

We get them for most Second Cups and some Happy Hours though.  We shared a stellar Prime Rib dinner at the Landmark Red Osier Restaurant and had dinner here a few times.   One particularly beautiful afternoon we took boat ride around the lake for Happy Hour, but I took no pictures - we talked too much.   It's so nice to spend time with them again, we miss our easy and familiar relationship!

second cup

Luke, Simon (brothers) and Glory

(it was just toooo hot to sit outside that night)

They brought us goodies for dessert!    We cut them into tiny pieces to remove the calories......

I can't decide which one I liked better

When we first built this cottage Cindy and Walter gave us a tiny trumpet vine from their farm.   Our dinners outside included a view of the lake through the very happy vine.   It likes it here!

this clump of flowers plopped itself on the railing
and grew into a beautiful nosegay!

They leave tomorrow morning.....early.   These folks get up at the crack of dawn, probably even before, so I'll say my "see you next time" tonight.    Sigh.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

52 and 48

You know you're getting old when you start telling people your age....before they ask.   If you hear me doing that, please  -  stop me!

52 and 48 -  those numbers I'll offer to anyone, I'm proud of them.  Dave and I have been together for 52 years.

16 and 17 year old babies

Yesterday we were married 48 years.    It seems like just a breath ago, and it seems like forever.   We still have smiles on our faces.

Years ago, when we were around 17, we loved to visit nearby Letchworth State Park.   We carved our initials into a tree near the Lower Falls.    Ah, youth.

Yesterday we went back to Letchworth to have lunch at the lovely Glen Iris Inn and to see if we could find that tree.   Would it still be standing?    Our son, Jesse, reminded us to "look up" for those initials.   It made us laugh.

After traveling all over the country, I'm not sure I agree but
it is a very beautiful park.

Glen Iris Inn
named after the Greek goddess of rainbows

The large veranda overlooks the magnificent middle falls
which is often under a rainbow.

We sat in the glass walled dining room (it was spitting rain so we passed on being seated outside) flanked by banks of beautiful flowers.

Black Eyed Susan and Daisy outside our window

We thought it fitting that we were seated behind Black Eyed Susans and Daisies.     Don't tell Dave I told you this, but his nickname was "Daisy" when we first met....shhhhh.

We enjoyed eating a lunch we would have ordered back in the day.  I had a Monte Cristo sandwich with Supreme Sauce and Dave loved his Roast Beef on Kimmelweck sandwich with plenty of good old fashioned Buffalo horseradish. It's not good horseradish if it doesn't make your eyes water says he.....

Man, that's good horseradish!!!!

After lunch we drove around the beautiful, intensely green park trying to remember if "our tree" was below the Upper, Middle or Lower Falls.

The amazing stone work done by the CCC is everywhere.

Middle Falls outside the Glen Iris Inn

beautiful Upper Falls

We finally found the foot bridge that led across the river and into the woods where "our tree" was (is?).   Unfortunately it started to rain as we approached and the bridge was 200 feet below us.   A long muddy walk.   Next time.

see the tiny footbridge below?

Wiscoy Falls

Monarchs filled the air, enjoying their favorite food,

Despite the rain, it was a lovely way to spend an anniversary day.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Here and gone again

Pam and John stayed with us for about a week this time.  We had some play time and some work time.

John helped Dave replace Beluga's slide toppers.   They worked in less than optimum conditions due to Beluga's site, but they had the job done in three shakes of a lamb's tail - they work well together and both had plenty of experience with this particular job.  They did John's slide toppers and helped our friend replace his in Tucson a few years ago.

As is his custom, Lewis supervised and made suggestions from the shady porch.

Dave then helped John with a small dash air conditioner situation on his motor home.

Dave and I had a few scheduled dentist/dr. appointments in Rochester that week.  On my dentist appointment day, Dave, Pam and John rode along and waited at a nearby and most favorite Seattle coffee chain shop while I was scraped and polish and flossed.   Afterward we hit Trader Joe and a few other necessary shopping stops before heading home to a take out dinner from the local 3 Legged Pig BBQ restaurant.    Wonderful Fred (the man we trust to take care of the cottage when we're on the road) had stopped by to drop off a Strawberry Rhubarb pie he bought for us......He's absolutely the best!

Our former business partner has loaned us his pontoon (aka party boat) boat for the rest of the summer. 

We used it practically every day for a gently rocking second cup and happy hour.  Lewis thought this was the best ever idea!   The seats are so soft, the movement so pleasant, and the snacks are right at his level.....He could see right into the bowls!   Best of all, Gramma Pamma slipped him many tidbits when she thought we weren't looking.

"Now THIS is a proper Happy Hour!" says the curly one.....

 The boat had a slight stutter at speed so the hard working team of Dave and John tackled a fuel pump replacement at the dock before taking it out for a test ride.

The two of them raced it back and forth in front of the cottage to make sure it worked.

Later we took our lunch on board and went for a cottage-viewing lunch time boat ride.

Lew took the best seat in the house

bathing beauties

We went to Honeoye Falls and our favorite restaurant, The Rabbit Room, for dinner on Thursday evening.   The restaurant is only open on Thursdays and we try to get there as often as we can during our time at home.    On the way we stopped to show Pam and John the falls at Honeoye Falls.....

On the way home there may or may not have been a stop at Dipper Dan for ice cream.......

John and Dave played golf Friday while Pam and I went into Rochester for another of my already scheduled appointments.   Afterward we met the boys at the Country Club for a HUGE fish fry.   There was enough left for us all to have another meal.

Friday night's moon peeking over the hill

Saturday morning was the day....the day they decided to leave and get back on the road.    For those of us who love the road, it's an exciting day.    We knew we'd miss them but were happy they were able to continue their trip west.

Off they go!   See you down the road dear friends.....

 Not all of us were happy they were getting back on the road.....