Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Here and gone again

Pam and John stayed with us for about a week this time.  We had some play time and some work time.

John helped Dave replace Beluga's slide toppers.   They worked in less than optimum conditions due to Beluga's site, but they had the job done in three shakes of a lamb's tail - they work well together and both had plenty of experience with this particular job.  They did John's slide toppers and helped our friend replace his in Tucson a few years ago.

As is his custom, Lewis supervised and made suggestions from the shady porch.

Dave then helped John with a small dash air conditioner situation on his motor home.

Dave and I had a few scheduled dentist/dr. appointments in Rochester that week.  On my dentist appointment day, Dave, Pam and John rode along and waited at a nearby and most favorite Seattle coffee chain shop while I was scraped and polish and flossed.   Afterward we hit Trader Joe and a few other necessary shopping stops before heading home to a take out dinner from the local 3 Legged Pig BBQ restaurant.    Wonderful Fred (the man we trust to take care of the cottage when we're on the road) had stopped by to drop off a Strawberry Rhubarb pie he bought for us......He's absolutely the best!

Our former business partner has loaned us his pontoon (aka party boat) boat for the rest of the summer. 

We used it practically every day for a gently rocking second cup and happy hour.  Lewis thought this was the best ever idea!   The seats are so soft, the movement so pleasant, and the snacks are right at his level.....He could see right into the bowls!   Best of all, Gramma Pamma slipped him many tidbits when she thought we weren't looking.

"Now THIS is a proper Happy Hour!" says the curly one.....

 The boat had a slight stutter at speed so the hard working team of Dave and John tackled a fuel pump replacement at the dock before taking it out for a test ride.

The two of them raced it back and forth in front of the cottage to make sure it worked.

Later we took our lunch on board and went for a cottage-viewing lunch time boat ride.

Lew took the best seat in the house

bathing beauties

We went to Honeoye Falls and our favorite restaurant, The Rabbit Room, for dinner on Thursday evening.   The restaurant is only open on Thursdays and we try to get there as often as we can during our time at home.    On the way we stopped to show Pam and John the falls at Honeoye Falls.....

On the way home there may or may not have been a stop at Dipper Dan for ice cream.......

John and Dave played golf Friday while Pam and I went into Rochester for another of my already scheduled appointments.   Afterward we met the boys at the Country Club for a HUGE fish fry.   There was enough left for us all to have another meal.

Friday night's moon peeking over the hill

Saturday morning was the day....the day they decided to leave and get back on the road.    For those of us who love the road, it's an exciting day.    We knew we'd miss them but were happy they were able to continue their trip west.

Off they go!   See you down the road dear friends.....

 Not all of us were happy they were getting back on the road.....


  1. We had a wonderful time visiting you at the lake. The time just flew by. It was so sweet to have my buddy right near by for lots of play time and love. We appreciate your hosting us and sharing your beautiful spot. We can't wait to reciprocate in Boulder City:)

  2. Oh, what a fun visit! Love the idea of second cup and happy hour in your floating salon. Good thing Lew is always there to closely supervise the work crew. :-) Nothing better than spending extended time with good friends.

  3. Awww Lewis... "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times...." "Parting is such sweet sorrow....."

    Your dog makes me quote the classics.

    ...And want to get another dog (or four) asap.

  4. Ahhhh, good times with good friends!

  5. Always great when friends can get "fun work" done together! After all that supervisory work I'm glad Lewis was treated to good times with his favorite pals.