Thursday, August 23, 2018

Fun and not fun

Jodee, Bill and Tessa came to the lake on Monday, as planned.   It was wonderful to see them again, and our two jeeps got reacquainted in the driveway.

They were in our area just for the night (and just to see us!), in the middle of some serious driving,  so we kept things nice and low key.

Happy Hour on the boat, a local, summer time dinner outside on the deck, travel conversations in between.

I know this isn't my house, but do you all see the three guys in the boat out there?

Lake life is new to Miss Tessa.   She was concerned about the stability of the dock, had to be hauled, unceremoniously, on to the boat and needed us to know that there were people in boats coming near.   

Before I knew it they had to head home and get ready for another day's drive in the morning.    We'll see them down the road, a very nice thought.

Bright an early on Wednesday morning, as Jodee and Bill took off for their next stop, we headed into Rochester for my 8:30 knee arthroscopy appointment.

The University of Rochester outpatient facility is a finely tuned assembly line.   Everything went according to plan, I talked with my assigned intake nurse, surgery nurse, surgeon (who marked my leg with his initials, just to make sure he did the right leg), physician's assistant, anesthesiologist, his assistant, etc. and then heard them all give the same spiel to the person in the next cubby.   They wheeled me down to the surgery and that's the last I remembered.     Home to the couch by 1:30.   

Notice that I'm not wearing my wedding ring, they made me take it off for the surgery.
I hadn't had it off in 48 years!  A major trauma for me.

I don't remember much of yesterday, but what I do remember I'd rather forget.   Evidently my body does not like Percocet.    Not one little bit.   And don't get me started on crutches!      The medication served to empty my stomach of everything I tried to put in it, within minutes, every single time.  Not so much as a sip of water.      I'm doing better on the crutches today, but yesterday Dave had to walk backwards in front of me with his arms spread out to catch me as I wobbled and tipped myself from the couch to the bedroom and in between.   Lewis took his self appointed job of nurse quite seriously.   He stuck very very close, except when the crutches came out.   That worried him a bit because they scared him, but I was using them and he NEEDED to stay with me.  He's settled down a bit now, but he's still worried about me.    What a guy.

keeping a close eye on the patient, dear sweet boy.

The compression bandage comes off in the morning and PT starts next week so I think we're on schedule!


  1. Now that doesn't sound like much fun...I sure hope you end up as good as new after all this!

  2. I know you put off the knee surgery as long as was feasible. Glad it was out-patient and not a full replacement! Best wishes for a speedy recovery! I'd really like to hear how it goes, as I've been in PT since March, the knee seems to be improving but not very fast! Hope you do way better!!!

  3. Aww, the look of concern on Lewis face, priceless! Wishing you a fast recovery and always listen to your PT (which I know is not going to be not fun! Surgery is never fun and those pain killers, they just mess you up. But you have both boys on the ready to take care of you.
    When we see you somewhere you will be good as new!

  4. I'm sure it will fell good to get the compression bandage off. Glad the crutches are getting easier. As you said on fb, you'll get good at them just when stop needing them. That is the most adorable photo of Lew. He is so worried about his mom. Take care:)

    So neat that Jodee, Bill, and Tessa got to visit the cottage.

  5. What a treat to visit your special cottage. So fun to see it all in person and get caught up with you guys! It would take Tessa a few trips to get used to that dock, but we could sure see ourselves in a sweet spot like that :-) Glad you have the surgery behind you, as well as the nasty after effects. Best wishes for easy PT and getting rid of the crutches soon.

  6. Oh dear, the after effects of the surgery sound just awful!! How fortunate that you have two excellent nurses at home taking care of you. :-)) Hope your physical therapy goes well and that you can get rid of those darned crutches soon.
    So fun that Bill and Jodee came to visit. I know that was a good time (well, maybe not so much for Tessa).
    Sending hugs!

  7. Puppies make the best nurses! I will say it's probably good that Lewis is not a fan of the crutches. Dixie was unfazed by them and made a habit of laying in my way so I had to crutch around or over her. Not super helpful. If he gives you space when you're on them, that's wonderful. Here's hoping your recovery goes quickly and you're back to fighting form soon!!

  8. Sorry about the Percocet reaction, that just sounds terrible! Hopefully it will be worth all of the pain in the end, and you'll have a new knee.

  9. That is one adorable picture of Lewis!

  10. Our puppies sure are great care givers! Always sticking close and concerned! Hope the PT has you back on your feet and getting around soon!