Thursday, August 2, 2018

52 and 48

You know you're getting old when you start telling people your age....before they ask.   If you hear me doing that, please  -  stop me!

52 and 48 -  those numbers I'll offer to anyone, I'm proud of them.  Dave and I have been together for 52 years.

16 and 17 year old babies

Yesterday we were married 48 years.    It seems like just a breath ago, and it seems like forever.   We still have smiles on our faces.

Years ago, when we were around 17, we loved to visit nearby Letchworth State Park.   We carved our initials into a tree near the Lower Falls.    Ah, youth.

Yesterday we went back to Letchworth to have lunch at the lovely Glen Iris Inn and to see if we could find that tree.   Would it still be standing?    Our son, Jesse, reminded us to "look up" for those initials.   It made us laugh.

After traveling all over the country, I'm not sure I agree but
it is a very beautiful park.

Glen Iris Inn
named after the Greek goddess of rainbows

The large veranda overlooks the magnificent middle falls
which is often under a rainbow.

We sat in the glass walled dining room (it was spitting rain so we passed on being seated outside) flanked by banks of beautiful flowers.

Black Eyed Susan and Daisy outside our window

We thought it fitting that we were seated behind Black Eyed Susans and Daisies.     Don't tell Dave I told you this, but his nickname was "Daisy" when we first met....shhhhh.

We enjoyed eating a lunch we would have ordered back in the day.  I had a Monte Cristo sandwich with Supreme Sauce and Dave loved his Roast Beef on Kimmelweck sandwich with plenty of good old fashioned Buffalo horseradish. It's not good horseradish if it doesn't make your eyes water says he.....

Man, that's good horseradish!!!!

After lunch we drove around the beautiful, intensely green park trying to remember if "our tree" was below the Upper, Middle or Lower Falls.

The amazing stone work done by the CCC is everywhere.

Middle Falls outside the Glen Iris Inn

beautiful Upper Falls

We finally found the foot bridge that led across the river and into the woods where "our tree" was (is?).   Unfortunately it started to rain as we approached and the bridge was 200 feet below us.   A long muddy walk.   Next time.

see the tiny footbridge below?

Wiscoy Falls

Monarchs filled the air, enjoying their favorite food,

Despite the rain, it was a lovely way to spend an anniversary day.


  1. With time restraints we had to skip Letchworth in favor of Watkins Glenn. WOW we missed so much! Thanks for sharing your story, hope you find your 'tree' next time. Your initials will still be where you left them, not higher.
    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Wonderful way to spend your special day. Happy anniversary.

  3. We really enjoyed hiking all over Letchworth. It is a nice place but not sure about the #1 State Park. The Glen Iris Inn looked like a great place to eat as we watched people on the patio. Your inside seats looked perfect for the drizzle. Love the early photos:) You were (and still are) such a cute couple. It will be interesting to see how much your tree has grown in 50 some years. Glad you had a super anniversary:)

  4. Enjoyed the early photos of you and Dave...still just as pretty and handsome are you were then! Happy Anniversary you two love birds!

  5. Wow, 48 years and you're still active and sharing so many experiences together! I'm sure you'll have to dig me up to see me on my 48th anniversary! Congratulations, and I hope we'll catch up with you guys down the road soon!

  6. What a beautiful park...and a beautiful story! You guys have always been a cute couple!

  7. Congratulations on 48! The two of you were so adorable in your teens. That's a very pretty park with some outstanding stone work.

  8. Such a gorgeous place!! How fun to be able to go back and visit your special day. As long as you don't see the tree is gone, it will always be there :-)

  9. Wow... 48 years... that is so awesome... especially since you guys actually still like each other! Goals!!! Seriously - Happy Anniversary! And I really want you to find that tree!

  10. Glad you went to Glen Iris but rather sad not to see you at your tree together. Hope you find it on a lovely sunny day. Love you both so much.

  11. What might you have changed that suddenly I have to click all the pictures of roads and bridges and get verified by capcha? Haven't had to do this on your blog for months!

  12. What a beautiful way to celebrate your anniversary! Love the photos of you looked so happy, and the best part is, you've nourished that happiness all these years. What a gift, to find your life's companion at such a young age, and to have such a rich store of shared memories. Here's to many more years of creating wonderful memories!

  13. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more celebrations together.

  14. Suzi, I remember those days like it was yesterday as well. Daisey, is a special memory. Happy anniversary my friends.