Saturday, August 11, 2018


Last Saturday Mr. David's A-1 Dedicated Driveway Pilot's LLC was, once again, called into service.   Dear friends Cindy P and Walter arrived and requested assistance to back their little SunnyBrook fifth wheel trailer into the driveway for their week's stay with us.

Cindy keeps her three little dachshunds company while they acclimate to the lake

They used to be our neighbors when we lived at the farm and I've known Cindy for many, many years.     Since they moved to Kentucky Cindy hasn't been back often and Walter's parent's still live in the area so their list of "to see" people is very long. 

We get them for most Second Cups and some Happy Hours though.  We shared a stellar Prime Rib dinner at the Landmark Red Osier Restaurant and had dinner here a few times.   One particularly beautiful afternoon we took boat ride around the lake for Happy Hour, but I took no pictures - we talked too much.   It's so nice to spend time with them again, we miss our easy and familiar relationship!

second cup

Luke, Simon (brothers) and Glory

(it was just toooo hot to sit outside that night)

They brought us goodies for dessert!    We cut them into tiny pieces to remove the calories......

I can't decide which one I liked better

When we first built this cottage Cindy and Walter gave us a tiny trumpet vine from their farm.   Our dinners outside included a view of the lake through the very happy vine.   It likes it here!

this clump of flowers plopped itself on the railing
and grew into a beautiful nosegay!

They leave tomorrow morning.....early.   These folks get up at the crack of dawn, probably even before, so I'll say my "see you next time" tonight.    Sigh.


  1. Wonderful to see their smiling faces joining you on the lake. Since we're coming to visit in the Jeep, I'm going to try and back in myself :-) Love that gorgeous vine!

  2. Looks like a lovely week on the lake for Cindy and Walter. Glad you were able to spend some time together in between the Ponds running around. I miss Second Cup on the dock. That is such a great place to sit.

  3. The trumpet vine is gorgeous.
    What fun together with good friends. That dessert looks so yummy.

  4. What a sweet visit with good friends! Easy and familiar friendships are the best—I can imagine how relaxing and fun those Second Cups and Happy Hours were. Do you get hummingbirds coming to your beautiful trumpet vine?

  5. There is nothing as sweet as long-standing friendships! Walter and I treasure our dear friends and they gifted us a lovely respite on the Lake. Special memories of a past now gone. A settled and calm atmosphere provides the luxury of early morning lake views, hummingbirds, a wren taking care of a nest and, of course, the dear, sweet black Poodle who kindly drapes across my lap and gently leans in for a kiss. Thank you, dear friends.

  6. What a wonderful visit. You have the perfect place for peaceful and beautiful! Second cup sounds heavenly! The trumpet vine is gorgeous!