Thursday, July 3, 2014

The first and last garage sale

Last Saturday we held a large garage sale in our Morton bldg.   Cindy P was going to have a sale at her farm and asked if we wanted to join her.    Long story short, the location of the joint sale moved up here because we had the huge empty bldg. to use in case of inclement weather.   Also, we seemed to have lots and lots of "stuff" to sell and it was easier to stage it all here.

trotting out the wares

The day was beautiful and sunny, although pretty hot and humid.   We were able to open the building's front almost completely to take advantage of any breeze that came our way, but it was still debilitating.    Our friends, Robin and Tom, came down to be extra eyes, sales associates and all around cheer leaders.    Cindy P, Geneva and Walter brought their goods up and we all staged and priced things on Friday.

We made a good bit of change on the sale (mostly because of Dave's huge store of tools)  ran lots of people through the building, saw lots of old friends, neighbors we didn't know we had, and a few people we'd rather not have seen.

the crew...Dave, Robin, Geneva, Cindy P and Tom

lots of interest

Most of the day was a blur to me.  I'm not used to talking to so many people, not used to dickering with folks for cents on the dollar.     We were told that there would be busy times and then lulls.   I don't remember too many lulls.

Robin relaxes in the shade

Cindy and Geneva visit during a break in the action

We were surprised at what things sold and what things didn't.  I guess that's the way of garage sales.     This was our first and our last.   I was touched by all the willing and cheerful help we had,  we enjoyed visiting with friends all day, but in the end it was just too much work.    Goodwill, the Salvation Army, Volunteers of America will be the recipients of what's left.

We found this old gal in the barn last week.
Off she goes!

Tom and Robin had baseball tickets that night, so they left late in the afternoon.   Pam and John brought over a delicious dinner for the rest of us, chicken with artichokes and tomatoes and a yummy salad.    After brownies, ice cream and assorted toppings we were all down for the count.

We're glad its over, we're thankful for the help, thankful that we could "recycle" some of our stuff, thankful for good friends, old and new.   But, no more garage sales for us.


  1. It took a few days just to recover! Guess we're just getting over the hill for these kinds of events. Even the 22 year old took the next day off and lolled around! Glad it's over!

  2. What a beautiful setting for a yard sale! I do them periodically and am still surprised at how different people are - most fun and friendly, but still some who I wish would just keep driving :-). It always feels good to have some cash in hand and less stuff to haul away.......but they are a lot of work.

  3. So, Sue, tells do feel about garage sales...haha!! I am with you about garage sales. Not my cup of tea.

  4. We had a garage sale in West Seattle, and it was just weird what people bought. I had a LOT of quilting fabric and china - no interest. The crappy old pots and pans went, after people would try to get me down to 50 cents. We ended up donating to the charities, and then when we got tired of it all, we put ads on Craig's list saying "Free, come get it, owner will not help you put it in the car." People responded to that one, and we cleared out much heavy stuff.

  5. Full circle. We went through purging 3 years ago. I just couldn't do a garage/yard sale. I chose freecycle and craigslist. As I looked at your photos, I was thinking, oooh, I could use that!

  6. Agreed...we did only one garage sale when we sold our house and that was plenty! I was happy to donate anything leftover. Congrats on getting thru that hurdle!

  7. Oh, the dreaded garage sale. A long time ago I swore I had my last but when we decided to go full time, I gave in and had one more. So exhausting! Happy to hear this milestone toward full-time motorhome life is behind you.