Monday, December 17, 2018

Desert Hot Springs

We're back in the desert again.  We had an uneventful drive to Desert Hot Springs on Sunday.   Uneventful until we arrived at Catalina Spa and RV Resort.

While I was inside, Dave was outside unhooking the Jeep in preparation for our back-in site.    When I finished and walked outside with paperwork in hand, he was bent over picking up shattered glass from the driveway.

The woman leaving when I was entering the office got into her Class C and proceeded to squeeze past Beluga in her hurry to get to her site.   Only thing is she didn't understand her clearances and smashed into Beluga's side mirror, shattering it in the process.   Luckily Dave was able to stop and reroute her before she did more damage to our old Beluga's side.

She said she was tired and in a hurry to get to her site and take a nap.....thank you very much.

Dave examines the damage

So, in addition to Dave's normal set up procedure, he had to take the mirror apart to see what damage was done and if he could fix it himself.

Luckily, the shattered lower, heated convex mirror was the only problem and we ordered a new one this afternoon.    Linda from Vancouver has agreed to pay for the new part and was so very thankful that we were "nice". 

Beluga asked that we not photograph her "bad" side til the repairs are done

We're all nicely settled in our somewhat uneven site and are going about the business of getting ready for Christmas.    One silly, but important nevertheless, tradition is the painting of the Christmas toe.   Dave's toe.

  We'll move to our rented Palm Springs house (with pool and hot tub) later in the week.

It was very windy through the San Gorgonio Pass, just west of us, and the desert sand mixed with the wind to create an interesting tan cloud in the mountains.   Lucky for us, the wind stayed and played up there so we had a lovely, sunny day to run our errands.


  1. Poor Ms. Beluga. Glad there wasn't anymore collateral damage. I love Christmas time because of Dave's red painted toe. So festive.

  2. In a hurry to take a nap? That's a new one! Sorry to hear about the damage, and that person should be glad that Dave is so handy and you don't have to take Beluga to a shop!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Ho ho ho!!! It's the Christmas toe! :-)
    Sorry about Beluga's boo-boo, glad it wasn't worse.

  4. Glad it was just the mirror and not the mechanics that maneuver it. There's a reason there are windmills in the pass ...

  5. In a hurry to take a nap. That certainly is a new lame excuse! We're really glad the base of the mirror was not damaged. Mirror bases are expensive, we know this.

  6. You're lucky Dave is so handy. I'm sure Ms Linda is happy as well. Some of those sand storms get nasty, glad that one stayed away from you. It's officially Christmas now that the toe has been painted!!

  7. Glad to see you are settled and Dave is officially ready for Christmas:) Good to hear Dave will be able to repair Beluga. Let's hope Linda from Vancouver learned a lesson. Next time she might not "run into" such understanding people. Have fun moving to your sweet house for the holiday.

  8. I will never cease to be amazed at some of the things people do in RV parks. Good thing that Dave was able to intervene and minimize the damage. Could have been so much worse. With any luck "Linda from Vancouver" will discover the concept of a ground guide! Merry Christmas!!