Wednesday, December 12, 2018

quiet times continue in San Diego

We've been here a number of times before and, as a result, are just enjoying quiet times and revisiting some favorite spots.    Neither of us seem to be in a mood for adventure, we're more interested in simple walks and being observers of the smaller things as the frantic holiday world races by.

We drove over to nearby Ocean Beach to sit at the dog beach and enjoy the joy.

We stopped for a look at my favorite Christmas Tree.   The wonky beach ball tree on the beach in Ocean Beach.

We've gone to the small Farmer's Market in Pacific Beach, again.    Yes, more kouign amann, and a couple loaves of addictive, chewy, flavorful Sourdough Bread and lots of good, hot radishes for Dave.

ho ho ho

We followed the coast up to La Jolla to watch the fat and lazy seals lounging on the Children's Pool beach and then on to pick up a couple little Christmas treats.

tell tale seal signs......

seals aren't the only ones resting on this beach

When we got back in the car we found this little guy working the parking lot for a hand out.   He paraded around with his mouth open, looking at us pointedly and squawking for food as long as we kept the car door open.   He then moved to the next vehicle and repeated the process.    An adult sat quietly atop a nearby car, as if she was watching him ply the family trade or perhaps she just told him to "go bother someone else!!!!!"

please sir, can I have some more?

After a quick stop at a nearby shopping center (that had these really neat, living panels on it's interior walls), we headed home.

 Along the way we passed this enormous and stunningly white Mormon temple. 

Another day we thought we'd tour the USS Midway so we parked nearby and headed to the huge ship.   Turns out neither of us really felt like it, so instead we  walked and walked, once again, just experiencing what there was to see.   Don't say we missed a great museum - we have done the Midway twice before and thoroughly enjoyed the experience both times.

 mother finally takes off to rid herself of this bratty child

soft spot for a quick snooze

USS Midway in the background

this guy fished in front of us for all of a half hour.   burp

Although I have no photographic evidence, we had a nice and experimental Happy Hour with friends Laura and Kevin.    Experimental in the sense that we were invited to test the waters with their new young man.    He has the most glamorous ears you've ever seen......Perhaps I'll have some pictures tomorrow.

And, of course, we've been enjoying the fabulous sunsets over the bay.....


  1. Love all your photos, great eye, snazzy captions especially the tell tale seal signs :)

  2. Thanks for the tour! I'll let your readers know that you can ask for a 'Deck Pass' at the Midway ticket window. The clerk will then direct you to the forward ladder where you can enjoy the forward sections of the flight deck, with its views for FREE!

  3. What a lovely way to begin my morning, reading about your peaceful explorations and seeing your beautiful photos. So fun to see the world through your eyes—that beach ball Christmas tree is great!! It is good, indeed, to slow down to a pace where we can appreciate the tiny gifts of life. You two are masters of the art.

  4. What a lovely stroll through the simple delights of a beautiful area. That mom taking off is awesome - great catch! It's always fun to see how many different ways there are to "decorate" for the holidays. Definitely intrigued to see these experimental ears!

  5. We do enjoy all these parts of visiting SD. Thanks for so many memories:) Looks like some nice weather to the city.

  6. Sounds like you've reached "perfection" stage for the holidays! Enjoy. Miss you guys. CindyP