Wednesday, November 30, 2016

out and about

Since we're in San Diego for a whole month we haven't felt the urgency to get out and DO everything.    We've been relaxing and enjoying our bay views and then venturing out to see what's around.    I know this attitude is going to bite me pretty soon.   Before I know it we'll have only a few days left, but til then we're just going with the flow.

Yesterday we found the main Post Office and picked up our mail then headed to the Embarcadero for a walk along the water and some lunch.   Nothing exciting, just a pleasant afternoon.

Last time we were in San Diego we visited the USS Midway Museum so we didn't plan on stopping there again.   As we passed we were surprised to see the huge statue, Unconditional Surrender, installed in a small park next to the ship.
We first saw this gigantic couple many years ago along Sarasota, Florida's bayfront.

We enjoyed watching the military ships, tenders and aircraft use the area.   There were lots of commercial fishing boats moored, seagulls overhead and seals (or sea lions?) gliding through the water looking for handouts.

a houseless woman was sharing with her friends

We had a nice seafood lunch and shared a yummy margarita at the Pier Cafe.   It is a touristy Cape Cod type restaurant built out over the water, not one we would usually frequent,  but the lure of its location won us over.     We had very few other diners and only one guy insisted on joining us.   We didn't mind, he was quiet and remembered his manners.

 Typically at this time of the year, the breeze is cool but the sun is very warm.   We were seated at a table in the sun which made us happy and warm.

After lunch we continued our walk.   I wandered in and out of a few shops while Dave stayed outside and checked out all the private yachts moored near the Hilton.

I discovered a beautiful old, hand carved merry-go-round built in l895.   The detail was wonderful, but some of the horses didn't look particularly happy to be there.

This afternoon, after a quick stop at the PB Bakery (don't judge) we noticed a road named Soledad Mtn. Road so we decided to see where it went.  Perhaps a nice view from atop a mountain?

The road ended atop Mt. Soledad at a large white cross towering above the black marble curved wall of the Veteran's Memorial.    The 360 degree views were, indeed, beautiful.   It is a lovely and quiet spot to honor those Veterans who gave their lives for their country.

lots of brick steps to the top for Dave

looking south at downtown San Diego

looking north toward Del Mar

We continued down the mountain into the village of La Jolla for a quick walk along Girard Street.   I made a couple small purchases before it was time to head home.

I was captivated by this beautiful little church along the way.  Mary Star of the Sea.


  1. What a lovely day! "Unconditional Surrender" has been reinstalled in Sarasota, as well! I didn't realize there were so many all over the world. Seward Johnson has created three versions of the statue...styrofoam, aluminium, and bronze. San Diego purchased a bronze version for just over $1,000,000 through a fundraising project with the Midway Museum. It was such a controversial purchase in 2012 that three board members quit. The Sarasota statue was just replaced last spring after a car hit the previous one in 2012. This couple really gets around! We've never been up Mt. Soledad. What an awesome view!! Very nice little spot for a lunch with a view:)

  2. Love the gull feet!

    Another picturesque place to have lunch is Il Fornaio on Coronado. More great views of the bay and bridge...

  3. I agree, the gull feet are great!! You're making me miss our SoCal weather. You must go to Seaport Village and have a chai latte at The Upstart Crow bookstore. My very favorite place in all of San Diego. They have a carousel too. And a great hat store. Oh, and a Christmas store. Just go, you'll see. Even if you've been before :-)))))

  4. What a beautiful and relaxing day! A long meandering walk by the waterfront, lunch, and discovering interesting sights (the little church is lovely!)—seems like a perfect day to me. We spent six weeks in the San Diego area two years ago, and seeing your photos makes me want to return.

  5. I love your day! And the pink feet. Can't wait to follow in your footsteps next month.