Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Different day, same day

Well, as Pam predicted, we've done nothing different, haven't explored, haven't even started the Jeep.    Boring?   Not really.

We watch the water birds, the coots, grebes, kingfishers, great blue heron's, cormorants, and mallards.    We watch the hawks and seagulls.   We watch the boats and planes.    We watch Lewis steal away to try and enjoy the water.....

are they watching me?   shhhh don't tell, I'm going in for a quick dunk

mom, mom, come on in, its fun, mom, come on!
We read, we talk, we take short walks along the water, we marvel at the changing faces of the lake, we eat and we sleep.   Sigh.    Somebody's gotta do it.....


I'll check back in when I have something more exciting to show you.


  1. Haha!!! I knew it! When I saw this spectacular site, I knew it would call you to relax and enjoy it all:) I had a feeling Second Cup would get very close to cocktail time:) I'm glad you are taking time and just enjoying yourself because you can! It is nice to just have no plans. Love, love that Lew is going in the water alone. Good boy, Lew:)

  2. Yes, life at the Lake. Maybe this reminds you of what is waiting next spring. Only difference at Conesus is that you can be sure that American Eagle will fly in to sit and eat in his tree. Hugs to all.

  3. Keep doing what your doing, it sounds like the perfect way to spend time at such a beautiful location!