Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday before Thanksgiving

The campground is filling up with families for the long Holiday weekend.   Lewis is not enjoying himself as a result.        Lots and lots of bikes and skateboards and scooters whizzing every which way.   He doesn't know which way to look, which way to go to be safe.    We remind him that things will calm down in a few days but he doesn't think that far ahead.

We're (Dave and I) enjoying the beautiful views for second cup and happy hour.
This morning we were visited by a flock of sea geese called Brants.   They are beautiful and gregarious.

 In between we've just been doing normal household jobs, laundry, bills, vacuuming, cleaning up the Jeep, etc. and then walking on the beach.     Its getting to look a bit like Christmas here in Beluga and the wreath smells divine.

Here are some pictures taken today at Pacific Beach, after a bit of shopping and a wonderful Bakery discovery.

The weather was grand, about 65 and sunny.  

Sunset tonight was a drawn out affair.    After dark the Sea World Christmas tree was reflected in the Bay.

Lew's view from Dave's lap


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Lovely views, especially Lea on the Lap!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to the three of you. We count you among our many blessings :-) That is quite the wreath!

  3. Ah, those Mission Bay sunsets!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you three!

  4. What a lovely place to relax for a month! Gorgeous sunset photos. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Poor Lew! Those darn kids and their moving vehicles. Hope my boy survives for a few more days...and that Dave's lap holds out:) I forgot all about the light tree! We really do need to get to the beach for walk. At least we saw it for sunset! You can tell what type beach people we are:)