Sunday, December 4, 2016

Point Loma

Here is another interesting duck that drifts by us in large teams.    They are either Lesser Scaups or Greater Scaups.    If I had to bet, I'd guess this is a Lesser but I'm not a betting woman.

Friday we got a terrific take out lunch from Ocean Beach's Hungry Lu's tiny bakery and sandwich shop and took it to the Ocean Beach Dog Park.    Its one of our favorite places to go and just sit.    We did not take Lewis this time, we wanted to see just how busy the area was, how close the quarters were, and what kind of dogs (and owner's) frequented it.

We had a ball!   I didn't take many pictures, I have a problem photographing people I don't know (actually I have a problem photographing any people) so we just enjoyed watching all the dogs enjoying their freedom.

There was a little black French Bulldog that was laser focused on his neon green tennis ball.    Ounce for ounce, I don't think I've ever seen a dog run as fast as this guy.    Back and forth, back and forth.    Sometimes another dog would intercept his ball and he didn't argue or give up.   He simply stopped and waited until the other dog lost interest, then he'd scoop it up and fly back to his owner.
We were at the beach for at least an hour and a half and he was running the entire time.

Milo moves a lot of sand

Little Milo spent his time digging to China when he wasn't performing his self proclaimed duties as official greeter.    By greeter I mean he raced up to each new comer, barked once or twice directly in their face, thoroughly sniffed their "parts", then went back to his excavations.

We watched a beautiful and energetic Portugese Water Dog run after his ball, a huge spotted white dog happily pester every other dog as they passed by, an owner wandering around screaming "come" at the top of his lungs while his big yellow lab studiously ignored him and romped gaily with his friends halfway across the beach.    We watched a young woman walk along a narrow section of the San Diego River with her svelte boxer and his frisbie.    She'd toss the toy into the crazy strong current and the dog dove in (not beautiful water entries, but they got him out into the water) and carefully positioned himself downstream of the frisbie, almost treading water until it actually came to him!    Then he'd turn and swim across the current to the shore ready to do it all over again!    I bet he slept well that night!

Later we went out to Point Loma to view the views.    There is only one road out to Cabrillo National Monument and the cliffs at the end of the point.   It passes through the serene and moving Ft. Rosencrans National Cemetery and we're always drawn to it.    Rows and rows of perfectly placed white headstones march to the Pacific Ocean on one side and to San Diego Bay on the other.    The grounds are simple and immaculate.    They give us pause.

Without checking the day's tide charts, I'd hoped we'd timed our visit to the Tide Pools correctly.    Nope, we were 3 hours early, and the water was too high, the areas still under water.      We hiked around a bit, enjoyed what we could see and vowed to make a more concerted effort to return an hour before a low tide.    The tricky thing here is that the area closes at 4 p.m. so timing is everything!

the tide pools were still under water

Pelicans rest on a nearby cliff

Coast Guard Pt. Loma Light Station 
the famous Del Coronado Hotel in
the foreground

The point was overflown by lots of military helicopters and planes.   The entrance to the Bay was busy with military ships, commercial fishing charters and private crafts.   Binoculars were Dave's constant companion.

the old Pt. Loma lighthouse

USS New Orleans moves through the shadows and past Naval Air Station Halsey Field

hungry gulls follow a fishing boat back to its slip


  1. We enjoyed watching the dogs and their owners at this dog beach, as well. It is so interesting to watch how the dogs interact with each other. Would Lew be alright there with all those dogs? Would he enjoy playing with them or is he more a loner or one dog friend? The Cabrillo National Monument is a favorite:) Looking forward to returning to this area:) Thanks for the memories:) We wandered around the tide pools with Hans and Lisa. The area they took us wasn't as crazy crowded as the tide pool at Cabrillo NM. Here is our blog on where we went. Maybe give this area a try.

  2. We too didn't time our trip to Point Loma perfectly but what a great place for a hike nonetheless...

  3. Free and no time limit parking for tide pools at the end of Sunset Cliffs Blvd at Ladera St. There are stairs heading down to the beach at that intersection.

  4. Once again, your pix tell a lovely story. Thanks!

  5. My youngest and I used to sit on that beach and play with other people's dogs because our shepherds were like the yellow lab :-) Your descriptions brought back wonderful memories. I think Tessa might like it there! The pics of the cemetery are very moving, making me speak in whispers. All the times I've been to SD and I've never seen Point Loma. Have to remedy that next time we're there!