Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Last post from Mission Bay

Yesterday we took a drive north along the coast.     We haven't been to the Children's Pool in LaJolla yet and I wanted to see if there were still seals/sea lions lounging about on the sand in the sheltered cove.

Not a one!   We walked along the shore line to the end of the small park to see if there were any seals in the area.    

Yep!  Lots of them swimming in the strong surf and lounging about on the uncomfortable looking rocks.

 One particular rock seemed to be the best one, and potential new arrivals caused quite a bit of gnashing of teeth, vocalizing, and even a bit of neck wrestling by the resident group.

As in any population, there are always a few anti social individuals and they sought out more private areas to dry off and enjoy the warm sun.

We even saw one glamorous blond enjoying her rest away from the maddening crowd.

Speaking of the maddening crowd.....we watched, with dismay, people trying to get a d amn selfie with a resting sea lion.   It certainly had more patience that I would have.....

Continuing back through the park we saw others creatures resting or grooming and perhaps even learning their trade along the rocky coast.

One obviously young gull was begging from passersby while it's mother (father?) waited patiently nearby.   The youngster wasn't "asking" the parent for food, it was clearly imploring us humans for a tasty french fry or orange peel.    Perhaps its mother decided the kid was just too big and needed to learn how real sea gulls act!

Mom stood by the youngster
do you like her black nail stylish.

We stopped at the Torrey Pines Gliderport, beside the Salk Institute, to watch the daredevil hang gliders run to the end of the cliff and soar off, hundreds of feet over the crashing ocean below.

its a long way down, see the dots on the beach?

the cliffs are very unstable, ropes keep most of us back from the edge

Evidently the Gliderport was closed for a special group that day, but we watched an instructor giving lessons.

The students would run, full speed, toward the drop off and stop just short of going over.    At least the ones we watched stopped short.....

Further along the drive we pulled into one of the narrow, ocean side State Parks with a campground attached.   It looked like a great location, but after driving through we decided it definitely wasn't our cup of tea.   We loved the camp host's Christmas decoration, however.

We stopped at various spots, at various views along the way before heading back home.

"interesting" statue
native american, surfer, mardi gras reveler?

Today is our last day, we break camp in the morning and move away from the ocean and into the desert.    Sad to leave, excited to go.

We enjoyed second cup outside watching our ever present visitors.    Today a congregation of Cormorants joined us.

We took a last walk along the Bay.   An Osprey dove into the water, wings pulled back, and came out with a large, wiggling fish.   He flew off into the trees to enjoy his meal.

Tonight's sunset was another beauty, as they most always are, and faded fast into a cloudy, warm night.


  1. What a beautiful and peaceful last day. Nice backdrop for the glamourous blond and oh how I love watching the herons! Safe travels to Palm Springs. And enjoy your holiday with Jessie and Erin. Merry Christmas!

  2. I could watch the seals for hours! I love how they interact and really enjoy their barking. Fun times! What a perfect send off adventure:)

  3. Just a few days ago there was a news story about the ongoing (for YEARS) saga of the seals against the humans at the Children's Pool. I still do not understand why humans think they have a right to the beach just because they built a wall...when there are many miles of beaches that don't have seals on them!!!!!

    Looks like you've had a wonderful month in San Diego, lots of excellent beach time. Safe travels to the desert!

  4. I have enjoyed your blogs from San Diego, and I hope you have as much fun in the desert 😊 Merry Christmas!

  5. Your shy Pelican is adorable! Oh yes, some of us must get toooo close to the edge..... So what if you don't stop short of the drop off???? Nope. That statue has a real identity crisis - a perfect fit for SoCal :-)

  6. Love love this post. What a great place - but too many people for my tastes. I too would have felt anger seeing the idiot people - those seals just needed to drop one of the off the rock into the water. I can only imagine what wildlife (seals or buffalo here) think of the idiot 2-leggers!