Sunday, December 18, 2016

quiet weekend before Christmas

It was a quiet weekend, as usual.     We managed to get Lewis out for a little exercise between raindrops on Friday.     We had to resort to "the game" on the sidewalk but he didn't mind.

Lewis, Come!

When we're on the road playing, "the game" is how we make sure the dog (s) traveling with us gets some exercise.   A tired dog is a good dog!  Often there is no safe, fenced in area for them to get a good run, to blow off their accumulated steam.     Dave stands with the dog (s) at a heel/wait and I walk 50 to 75 feet away and turn to face them.     Depending on the area I go further away or closer to him.    Then I call to dog to me.   They must come straight in and return to the heel position at my side.     Dave then calls and the run goes the other way.   Back and forth, back and forth until the run begins to slow down, until little detours begin to happen.

 It used to be a real "game" when we'd have two or three or even four dogs with us.    Having four dogs at sit/wait while I call only one (by name) is a challenge for everyone.        The dogs knew the game and waiting to see who was called to run first made "the game" even more fun for them.    Sometimes we'd mix it up and have two running in different directions at the same time.    The challenge then was to keep them running toward us and not allow them to meet each other in the middle and run off after a squirrel!

It's not so much of a game now, with just one dog, but Lewis enjoys himself and it provides exercise and stimulation on down days.

Saturday Mission Bay RV Resort held a western Christmas celebration.  A Christmas light competition was held, a pulled pork supper was served and evidently a band played and balloons were turned into animals.   We enjoyed the meal, it was enough for two days for us.     We strolled around the campground before the official judging of the lights to make our own decision.

I know, bad picture but
I like it!

Today we trimmed Lewis, took a walk and read.    Just another lazy Sunday.

a resting raft of Redheads




  1. I love watching those ears fly:) I'm sure Lew enjoyed the fast sprints. Tough to do that down through the MH, but he tries:) Love the "Resting Raft of Redheads!" Your time at Mission Bay must be coming to a close this week!?

  2. I love that your dogs were all well trained enough to come at their own name despite their excitement. I'd like to have dogs trained that well some day!

    I like a blurry christmas tree shot! THe lights are more fun that way!

  3. I would love to see the choreography of four dogs at the game! Tessa has taught us to send her flying across an open beach to the other person and back until she thinks we've had enough and then she lets us follow her around. I agree the zig zag tree is way more fun! Your raft is really rad!!!

  4. Ahh the recall game! I'd say we know it well but with only one person it sucks! LOL