Monday, December 12, 2016

The weekend

We typically don't do anything very exciting on the weekend.   We like to leave it to the working people who only have two days to get out and play.     Plus, the places we like to go get just too peopley on the weekends.

This weekend was no different.   We took care of domestic things and walked around the defunct mobile home park and along the bay a few times.     We commented on how beautiful the view was in one direction and how sad it was in the other.   I'll show you a little....

Lew never tires of looking for treasures  on the Bay's shoreline

we wonder where the owner's are now

long forgotten plantings

stairs to nowhere
(note to Dave - roses to be picked.....)

sometimes we peek in the windows, can you see us?

someone lovingly cemented all those stones to the pot

chairs wait for happy hour

empty lots everywhere

The almost full moon is causing very low tides.

We love these low tides because it brings the water birds in much closer to us.

Sunday afternoon a thick marine layer hung over the ocean to the west of us.

It made for dramatic skies and a another wonderful sunset.


  1. Too bad about the mobile home park. There were still some people living there during our stay at Mission Bay but a lot of the places were empty and not in great shape. Not a pleasant place. Hope the Rose Robber got on that bush begging to be "pruned!" Get out to those tide pool with the very low tides!! Lew looks like he is having a great time:)

  2. Yes, I see you :-) Such a pretty home too. Coming from a home town that is "no more" I can relate to a whole community moving away. Surprising that more of them weren't sold and moved out rather than being left to deteriorate. Love those heavy skies, they look quite ominous!

  3. When real estate gets too valuable, condemned signs and ghost towns are just phase one. Many years ago (right around 1970) when what we called Fiesta Island was new, free overnight camping along the water was allowed. Dad would pick up fresh tortillas in National City and mom would prepare the chicken, lettuce & cheese with homemade salsa made the night before. With trusty white gas Coleman stove in hand we'd take our 22' Explorer class A out to the newly dredged beach to park just feet from the waters edge. To this day, those are the best tacos I've ever had! Then, the new campground where you are staying was built and it wasn't long before the owners petitioned the City to kick those pesky freeloaders out. It was a different time. Frankly, I'm shocked the RV campground hasn't given way to some mega resort/hotel. That's what some call progress.