Thursday, December 29, 2016

We're still here.....

We kept busy while we counted the days til Jesse and Erin arrived.   Decorating the house with a few Christmas things, baking cookies and preparing Christmas dinner for the two of us.

every cupboard open while making cookies
Its always an experience to cook and bake in a new kitchen.  One day we made two kinds of Christmas cookies, prepared a traditional Christmas meal (traditional for us, that is....) and put our New Year's Eve Sauerbraten "down" in its marinade.

Mr. David's Root Vegetable Preparation Specialist
works diligently on our Christmas rutabaga
(no, he did not drink the Jamesons....)

Lewis kept an eye on us at all times.

guys, guys, are you coming out soon?  guys!

The weather was coolish but sunny so we enjoyed second cup and happy hour by the pool every day.     Sometimes we swam and sat in the hot tub.

Yes, Dave does have a flower petal on his head,
no comments please!


 Some of us took advantage of the comfy couch to rest up for the big visit.

Here they come!

Jesse and Erin arrived on the 26th, right on time.   We've been enjoying our time together, having great dinners at some different restaurants, swimming and jiggling in the hot tub, reading and just catching up.  Here are some random pictures of what life has looked like here on Navajo Drive.

serious conversation

Erin admires Lewis' curly hair 

watching tv together

walks around the neighborhood

One day we drove a few blocks to "downtown" Palm Springs and did a bit of window shopping on  Palm Canyon Drive.

We tried on some furniture, we ate a very unhealthy but very yummy lunch at Franken Bun and just generally enjoyed ourselves.

We made sure we were back in time to entertain Lewis a bit and then happy hour at the pool and dinner out each night.

Jesse enjoys happy hour in his own way

There's more to show you, but I'm off to bed.   Stay tuned.


  1. Great times and awesome memories!

  2. Isn't it neat that you can actually see their plane arrive! Lew is certainly enjoying his time with everyone and lots of well deserved attention:) Love the serious conversation he and Jesse are having! It certainly looks like everyone is enjoying a relaxing holiday:) Cool final photo:)

  3. You know how to celebrate the holidays in style! Santa Fe last year, Palm Springs this year....what wonderful memories you're creating.

  4. I can feel how much fun you've all been having! Love that Lewis has many points to keep an eye on the family - and that he got to spend time with his boy. Beautiful home!