Thursday, December 15, 2016

This and that

Yesterday, on our way out of the RV park, we saw this unusual "pet".   We were not formally introduced, so we do not know her name.   Isn't she cute?

We know the rest of the country is suffering with nasty snow and cold and I wanted you to see that we, too, are suffering.    Today is chilly (note Dave's sweatshirt and jeans) and heavy fog over the water portend a strong rain and wind event.

This is what Dave's binoculars were trained on.  Who knew motorcycles could race over water!    They certainly are loud......

And one of our holiday traditions, Dave's annual Christmas Toe, has been painted.   Let the holidays begin!

Since it was a bit chilly and cloudy we decided to just take a ride over to Ocean Beach to see what was happening over there.    We walked along the surf for awhile, enjoying the wave patterns in the sand and collecting a few sand dollars.

We ended up at one of our favorite places, the dog beach.    The dog on the left was wearing a go pro!  

look at them go!

Walking back in the other direction we came upon what is now my very favorite California Christmas tree!

 Lisa M feels that Ocean Beach erected it as a political statement...   I  think its a fun and wonky holiday tree with beach balls for ornaments.    Delightful!

Returning home (with another Julian Pie in our bag) we were greeted by another super low tide.....and, later another beautiful sunset.


  1. Hope you hold up under all that fog...... I'm definitely feeling the Christmas spirit now that the toe has been revealed :-)))) I think Lisa may be on to something, as long as one is standing on the correct side of the tree! Love the patterns in the sand - tomorrow we're going to check out our own beach - oh goody, goody, goody!!

  2. Ahhhh, the red toe! Let holiday begin!! I thought I felt a change in the air:)

    Looks a little chilly over there. Much better than what is going on in the old home state though:)

    I didn't realize those were beach balls on the tree. That is definitely a Dr. Seuss tree!! Love the sand designs! Nature creates the most interesting pictures. Where was my dog running on the dog beach!!??

    Lovely, lovely sunset with the bird! Great photo:)

  3. I believe we met that pig at Santee a couple of years ago! They were walking it on a side road next to one of the storage buildings where a pineapple guava plant was dropping its fruit...that pig was really enjoying all the fruit! Can you imagine living around that large, ponderous critter in an RV?!?!?!

    Gotta love a left leaning Christmas tree in San Diego's most bohemian community!

  4. Cool tree! I love the creativeness. We had a kid this summer do that with his motorcycle - he was successful once, the second time, he drowned. So sad.