Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas from Palm Springs

It's Christmas Eve and we're settled into our rental house in Palm Springs.   Lights are up, wreaths hung, pool and spa are heated and steaming in the cool air, cookie dough waiting in the refrigerator and we're back from dinner.    Tomorrow we'll stay in and do some cooking and baking in preparation for Jesse and Erin's arrival on the 26th.  

The drive over from San Diego was a wet one.   It rained all the next day, and most of the next.   I know its because Dave washed Beluga and the Jeep the day before we left, but he doesn't believe me...... We're not enjoying all the wetness, but the desert needs water and everyone here is rejoicing, so we'll join in and be happy for what we get.

The low hanging clouds obscured the beautiful mountains all around us.
Many of the main roads flooded, this much water isn't usual here and the ground can't handle it.

Beluga is parked at a Desert Hot Springs RV park for the holiday while we make merry with our family here in Palm Springs.    We had to enlist the superior skills of Mr. David's A-1 Professional Moving and Packing Specialists to get all our stuff into the Jeep for the 20 minute ride from there over to the house.   I was sure we'd need to make two trips, but Mr. David assured me he would get it all sorted   Even Lewis fit, although he had to ride next to the Christmas tree.

Speaking of Lewis, he isn't sure what to do with all the space we have here.  And,  a fenced in backyard with a more "getting busy" on a leash.   He can go anywhere he wants to, not just where we tell him to.    He can go out of sight and watch us, check out the bushes and trees and bubbling spa without one of us being right next to him.   FUN!

   And, lots of beds to sleep on, not just one!

Lewis feels those lamps are embarrassingly gauche 

And, lots of low windows to look out, everywhere.    And, a new ball!

our neighborhood

snow up there, palm trees down here
My kind of Christmas view!

Merry Christmas


  1. Merry Christmas Suzi, Dave, and Lewis ... enjoy your time in Palm Springs 😊

  2. Gorgeous place for the holidays! But that long walk to the bathroom is a real pain...haha!! Lewis will have a grand week! What a special final photo:) Have a great time with Jesse and Erin.

    Merry Christmas!! See you in just five weeks...wahoo!

  3. Merry Christmas Dave and Sue and Lewis!

    We southern Californians are giddy with all the rain! I guess you can be thankful it isn't snow! ;-)

  4. Looks perfect!! So fun to have all that space to explore and play with a new ball - and the best window to keep an eye out for the kids :-) Have a wonderful time with snowy views from your swimming pool. I agree that last pic is great!

  5. Perfection ! that Lewis is as giddy as his parents are with all those spaces to play around with.
    Hope you had a great wonderful holidays with Jesse and Erin. I agree with you can't beat that view of a Palm trees and snowy mountains in one glance.
    Merry Christmas to all of Beluga's family and special family guests.

  6. What a PERFECT spot to have Christmas. Lewis - Santa looks like he was REALLY REALLY good to you. You must have been a super good boy this year. Hope your holiday was wonderful and thank you for popping by to comment on my not frequent posts. Love you guys and blessings for a happy new year!

  7. I love Palm Springs! What a fun place to spend the holidays. Lewis looks quite fine on that beautiful bed. Enjoy your family time, and Happy New Year!