Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday on the reservation

We're in Canyonland, Oregon, about 100 miles from the California border, at Seven Feather's Casino RV Park, run by the Cow indian tribe.  What a beautiful place this is, green grass, birch trees, mountain views and plenty of space between sites.  The Casino is just a phone call away - a car will pick us up right at our site, if we wish.  Who knows, we may go over and have dinner and a quick look around!

In addition to this natural beauty, they have blazing fast free internet service, so I'll post some pictures we took when we were in Springfield a last month.  I kind of forgot I had them.  Springfield, as Jesse puts it, is Eugene's rougher cousin.  We found ourselves driving around the "historic" downtown area looking for a rug binding store we'd found in the phone book.  He's right, its a bit rough around the edges, but they are trying to show their pride....Most of the buildings had beautiful murals painted on them.   I was fascinated, so here are a few

you can see Dave hiking along in front of a mural, hurrying to put $ in the parking meter

this one, depicting a quilt, was so large I had to take it in two sections

many different styles

this one was in the parking lot of the rug store and its what piqued my interest.

And, yes, it was recently revealed that this is THE Springfield, home of Homer Simpson et al!!!

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  1. Fascinating mural life ...thanks for sending these to the blog for all of us to see!!!

    Though I'm curious about "rougher" ...what do you mean by that?