Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday - BCA

Ah, cobbler at last
We started out at normal speed today.  We had our usual morning beverages outside, then Dave made a few phone calls on behalf of a "downsized" business associate while I finally peeled those peaches and put together the cobbler.  Lewis went for a ball session on the green down near the front of the campground.  Our plan was to give the dogs a little exercise, leave them in Beluga  and then go and poke around some of the tide pools for awhile.  Lots of interesting things to look at.  We decided not to take the dogs to the beach to play again until Lewis', ahem...poop, wasn't made up exclusively of sand.  He and Dave got in a pretty long session before the Ranger came along and reminded us of the leash rule in the Park.  Grrr.

The plan went downhill from there.  I made lunch while Dave sat in the sun with the dogs.  Downhill....
He could barely keep his eyes open to eat and then as I was getting ready to go, he stretched out on the couch.   Thats all she wrote.  He was out cold.  The dogs arranged themselves around him on the floor and started snoring too.  I decided to check out our next few over night stops on the computer while they dozed.  Hmmmm, I conked out with the sun streaming through the big window next to me.   Oh well, I guess we all needed some  down time - a "slug day" as JAD calls it.  No arguing with what the body wants.

where is Dave????

In response to Cindy P's pleading, here I am, writing this blog.....  Now are you satisfied?


  1. It's midnight as I am reading this. I just got home from an all Gershwin rehearesal. I am so with Dave and sleeping dogs. But here I am writing to Sue at this late hour. Ah the best laid you and sweet Rhapsody dreams. MCH

  2. I think I need a little help from our friends, Sue ...yes, those do look like your hands; but, how often do I look at your hands or your toes when we visit together? I would love a photo of you (even if Dave HAS to be a little in the distance--underline "a little" because I don't know how to get the blog to do that and my techkie guy is still asleep and can't help) playing with the dogs, or sitting with G&T, or watching the birds or sitting amongst the rocks, or in the city at some of the lovely, lovely architectural elements that you photograph. No need to rush right out and get it done but sometime...that's more descriptive of what I had in mind. But, thank you for the effort and your hands look lovely on that little keyboard. It was reassuring...
    And when I referred to needing some help from your friends, I think that many of them must be emailing you and maybe could mention some ideas to you and the importance of seeing the one we love! Though we all delight in hearing and reading about things like "slug" days! Love that new term. Thanks JAD!

  3. I am not alone in my desire for people. MCH